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We have gathered all information you may need in one place to make your experience with our affiliate program as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Do recharge operations of a mobile phone through the AliExpress application participate in the affiliate program? keyboard_arrow_down
Recharge operations of a mobile phone through the AliExpress application do not participate in the affiliate program, partner commission is not charged for it.
When do orders appear in the statistics? keyboard_arrow_down
The orders appear in the statistics immediately after they've been paid for.
What do the statuses like "Waiting", "Pending" and "Confirmed" in the ePN statistics mean? keyboard_arrow_down
There are the following statuses of orders in the ePN statistics: "Waiting" - the order is being delivered to the customer. "Pending" - the order was confirmed by the customer and is currently being checked by the AliExpress Accounting Team. This process may take up to a month. "Confirmed" - the order was confirmed by AliExpress and the affiliate commission for it has moved to your balance. "Declined" - the order was declined.
What payment systems are available for withdrawal? keyboard_arrow_down
We make payments to WMZ, QIWI, Wire Transfer, Yandex. Money. You can choose the option that is the most convenient for you and learn conditions of withdrawal by pressing Add wallet at Profile. Besides, we are ready to consider other withdrawal methods on requests of our webmasters.
How and when can I get my refund? keyboard_arrow_down
Your payment will be made within 5 minutes after your request to Webmoney, ePayments, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Visa and MasterCard and from 1st to 3rd day of month and from 16th to 18th day of month excluding holidays to WireTransfer. You'll need to request the payment a day before the payment period starts. For the balance in progress to move into confirmed balance the purchase shall be delivered to customer and this takes on average 30-50 days for Russia. After this there is the check by the Accounting team of Aliexpress. Therefore we confirm the orders at the very moment they are confirmed and this happens faster than in most of other aliexpress affiliate programs. Often in other affiliate programs orders are marked as confirmed earlier but as a matter of fact partners have to deal with additional delays of payment. You will not come across these in our affiliate program.
Do you pay commission for purchases of new users or users that are already registered at AliExpress? keyboard_arrow_down
Commission is paid for both new users and users that are already registered at AliExpress.
If I place a link leading to a certain item on the store will I be refunded if the customer buys another item? keyboard_arrow_down
Yes. We take into account all purchases that were made by customers, led by you, during one internet session after following your link. Both purchases of new and existing customers are taken into account.
How much will I earn? keyboard_arrow_down
In our affiliate program, the percentage of your Commission will depend on the selected offer. The program also has a system of progressive bonuses for partners with large volumes of high-quality traffic (the higher the turnover, the greater the partner rate). Please click here for more information on the progressive betting scale. The minimum amount to be paid from the CPA network is$10. Payment will be made within 5 minutes after your request for WebMoney, epayments, QIWI, Yandex.Money, Visa and MasterCard, and from 1st to 3rd day of the month and from the 16th through the 18th day of the month, excluding holidays at WireTransfer.
What is considered as spam? keyboard_arrow_down
Spam is sending similar comments, that are not related to the topic that is being discussed or posting a link and a comment that are not related to each other. Posting affiliate link is only allowed when the comment really answers the question that was asked and adds value.
What is SubId? keyboard_arrow_down
SubId is an important tool for measuring conversion and increasing effectiveness of your work. Subid tracking lets you analyze and optimize traffic. Suppose you have created a deeplink and you are now generating affiliate links on its base through Get DeepLink Code option. If you add subid to each of the links, you will be able to tell the exact number of users that have clicked at the link and made a purchase. You may use any symbol, word or a number as a subid (please be careful: valid characters a-zA-Z0-9_-. If other symbols are used, subid will not be taken into account).
May I somehow use reference like keyboard_arrow_down
Link to AliExpress web-page should be transformed into partner link and lead to the page through our advertiser redirector It is very important to track conversions, otherwise, you will not get income for attracting buyers by usual links to AliExpress web-site.
Can I offer cash back of 1-2% for users? keyboard_arrow_down
Yes, you can.
Who gets the commission if a user who has visited AliExpress by clicking affiliate link of a webmaster when clicks my ad? keyboard_arrow_down
There is the 'Last cookie wins' principle, i.e. the affiliate links overlap. The commission is given to the webmaster with the ad that the user clicks last
Can I create affiliate links by just adding url to my affiliate link? keyboard_arrow_down
Yes, you can generate any link based on the deeplink, not even entering the account. To do this take the default part (, add GET parameter ?to=%aliexpress link%. where %aliexpress link% is any link to AliExpress with the applied urlencode. If the link will lead to non-affiliate goods, we will direct users to the default creative link. (You may edit this option at the settings of the creative).
What is the difference between DeepLink and an affiliate link? keyboard_arrow_down
By using an affiliate link type creative you direct users to a certain page of Aliexpress. DeepLink lets you direct users to different pages of the online market via 1 creative. DeepLink also lets you direct users to the goods that don't participate in the affiliate program (DeepLink Settings). You may generate an affiliate link to AliExpress via the code generation window or by placing your links to the initial DeepLink via ?to= EXAMPLE: Take default part (, add GET parameter ?to=%aliexpress link%. where %aliexpress link% is any link to AliExpress with the applied urlencode.
How do I choose goods for ads? keyboard_arrow_down
We have prepared for you a large number of attractive landings with various categories of goods in Tools My creative section. You may choose one of them or lead users to certain item, to search results or to a group of items. It's totally up to your choice.
Can I use AliExpress/Alibaba Group brand elements in my traffic sources? keyboard_arrow_down
Main rules, concerning Alibaba Group trademark usage on traffic sources taking part in the affiliate program, are the following: 1. The 'AliExpress' word cannot be used in the domain name of the website. Variants with a spelling mistake and names similar to Aliexpress are also not allowed. 2. The header of the website and logotypes of the communities in social networks cannot contain the new or old logotype of Aliexpress and its easily recognized elements. The Aliexpress favicon cannot be copied as well. 3. Main principle that should be followed by the websites participating in the affiliate program is the following: it must be clear to the users, that this is a third-party website, that is not related to AliExpress/Alibaba Group legally. Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions on this aspect of the rules, please, contact the support team. We’ll be happy to review every traffic source individually and to give you recommendations on each of your projects.
What if I don't have a website? keyboard_arrow_down
You need to mention all sources where you're planning to place ads: pages and groups in social networks and context ad systems such as Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords,, Begun and so on, from where you plan to lead traffic to online market.
What countries do you accept traffic from? keyboard_arrow_down
There are absolutely no geo limits! You may direct traffic from all over the world.
Do you have a referral programme? keyboard_arrow_down
Yes, we do. For now you get 5% of earnings of affiliates you refer. You can get referral links at your profile.
May I register new account? Or have 2 accounts? keyboard_arrow_down
The rules of the affiliate program do not allow double registration in ePN. You may register a second account at, provided that it will not be registered by your referral link of the ePN account.
Will I get income for clicks and impressions? keyboard_arrow_down
AliExpress ePN works on CPA scheme (Cost Per Action) which means that only special actions of users on offer's web-site are paid. In case of AliExpress affiliate program webmasters get income from each purchase of affiliate goods.
During what time does the user have to make a purchase after clicking on my affiliate link for me to get the commission? keyboard_arrow_down
All purchases made by customers that you refer within one internet session after they click on your affiliate link are taken into account. Important! If a customer creates an order during the browser session and pays for it later, the order will still be affiliate. The order is created after the “Buy now” button is pressed.
How do I get an affiliate link? keyboard_arrow_down
To get an affiliate link, go to Tools “My creatives“ Add a new creative. Specify the title of the creative and its type and place the link to a product or an Aliexpress page you need at the AliExpress Page section or chose a banner. Save. After that your affiliate link will be available at My creatives section at Get code option. You can shorten your link at (short links are easier to post in social networks).

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