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Affiliate Programs

Using affiliate programs is the best way to monetize your resource's traffic and earn money from your readers/viewers/subscribers purchases in reliable online stores. Moreover, earning on affiliate programs does not necessarily require having your own website. It is much easier to use a page in social media, a channel in a messenger or a YouTube channel instead! You also can get paid traffic from ad networks. 20+ popular ePN online stores accept traffic from a variety of sources and pay for your visitors’ purchases! In simple words, affiliate programs are mutually beneficial. One party here (the owner of the product, online store or online service) pays the other party (webmaster, blogger) for attracting customers to the store (customers to a service).

Best affiliate programs

The ePN (eCommerce Partners Network) has 20+ affiliate programs, most of which are affiliate programs for online stores and online services. The top affiliate programs of our network include: AliExpress, eBay, iHerb, Banggood, Alibaba, Geekbuying, DHgate and others.

In the process of making money on the Internet, everything is individual. Therefore, using our system, depending on the interests and solvency of his audience, each webmaster will make his own top affiliate programs that bring the most profit, demonstrate the best conversion rate and at the same time do not annoy subscribers and viewers.

High-paying affiliate programs

Which affiliate programs are considered high-paying? On the one hand, all webmasters want to get the highest percentage of agent commission from each deal. However, a low approval rate can significantly reduce earnings, so the webmaster has to look for affiliate programs with a high agent commission and high approval rate of deals at the same time.

In addition, the assortment of an online store should be wide enough that the visitor can accurately find the product of interest to him. And this is another important requirement for affiliate programs.

Finally, experienced webmasters also pay attention to the duration of the hold and the cookies lifetime. The first parameter shows how many days should pass from the moment the purchase is made until the webmaster receives the payment. The second parameter shows how long after the first visit the buyer must make a purchase in order for the webmaster to receive the agency commission.

Thus, it is obvious that the highest paying affiliate programs should have:
  • a high commission percentage;
  • a high percentage of deals approval;
  • a wide range and convenient service for customers;
  • a short hold period;
  • a long lifespan of cookies.

If you managed to find just such an affiliate program for your traffic source, you will definitely be able to earn good money! We wish you good luck!

Choose an affiliate program from the arsenal of CPA-network ePN and earn money on your subscribers' purchases!