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Choose earning model

Revenue Sharing


If you the owner of traffic source, representative of Internet project, webmaster etc., the best earning model for you is CPA-model, you place on your traffic source ads of the official ePN partners and earn on attracted buyers.

How does it work?

You place on your website or in social networks a personal affiliate link leading to the online stores we offer (Aliexpress, Ozon, Banggood, GearBest, LitRes, M.Video, Hotellook, Aviasales,, Messenger, Pudra, Mamsy ).

useful to know

Affiliate link can lead to any pages, including pages of sales or pages of goods.

Before you start you need to read referral program terms of your selected store:

You'll get a precentage of every user's order who follows that link and

useful to know

Percent depends on the selected internet shop Aliexpress, GearBest, Asos, Ozon, Banggood . All purchases are accounted in the cookie lifespan Aliexpress - browser session
Ozon - 7 days
Banggood, Asos - 30 days
Gearbest – browser session or 30 days on your choice
after the user follows you referral link.

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04. Start earning

How to earn on attracting referrals?

Referral attraction is one of the most effective methods of earning passively income, because in order to earn, you do not need to have your own website or group in social network - your earnings are a part of earnings or purchases of users attracted by you. We present to your attention three offers from ePN:

ePN Standard

• You get 10% of the amount of the attracted user's cashback in the next time for life

• You'll get 5% from the attracted webmaster's earnings

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ePN Smart

You'll get 75% of our profit for the user attracted in the first 30 days after registration and up to 80% for life

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ePN Fix

You receive 75 cents per each confirmed registration involved in ePN Cashback.

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If you want to earn using the Revenue Share model, use the "Attracting referrals" tool