AliExpress ePN


ePN and AliExpress has raised rate for affiliates

Now you will receive more rewards for sales from any of the stores which participate in the AliExpress Affiliate program. For goods from sellers who don’t participate in the AliExpress Affiliate program (ie non-affiliated goods), you’ll get base rate - 2.1%. You can check whether the goods are affiliated or not here

Aliexpress ePN Affiliate Rate Table for Affiliated products

Country Mob. phones Accessories and hair care products Other categories Non-affiliated products
Russia and CIS 3.1% 6.1% 6.1% 2.1%
USA 4.1% 10.1% 8.1% 2.1%
France and Spain 4.1% 10.1% 10.1% 2.1%
Other countries 4.1% 8.1% 8.1% 2.1%

Rates have been changed for all categories from 23.10.2017. The maximum commission sum for one order is not more than $ 50. Commission is available only for goods from Chinese stores. For the goods of sellers from all other countries the commission is not accrued.

We offer you 100,000 popular products with a rate of up to 89% on AliExpress goods! You can use Link checker to check the commission sum for these Hot seller products.

Pay attention!

We double commission for the first purchase on AliExpress! Commission sum is doubled only after a few days. Initially, commission sum will be showed by the standard rate. In 5-8 days, as soon as AliExpress checks and confirms that the order has been completed for the first time, commission sum will automatically be doubled. Commission is not doubled for goods from "Special offers"

If you already have higher rates, then ePN will give exactly the same and + 0.1%, to appreciate our super service! You can feel all the benefits. For example, fast and convenient withdrawal of payment. And in the future, even get a bonus up to + 3.5% according to progressive scale

The ePN again has launched the "Progressive Scale" for AliExpress The increasing of base rate depends on the volume and confirmed orders data, and also applies to all categories of goods, including non-affiliated goods.

additional rate confimed turnover
+ 0,5% turnover from 300 000$ to 500 000$
+ 1,0% turnover from 500 000$ to 1 500 000$
+ 1,5% turnover from 1 500 000$ to 3 000 000$
+ 2,0% turnover from 3 000 000$ to 5 000 000$
+ 2,5% turnover from 5 000 000$ to 10 000 000$
+ 3,5% turnover from 10 000 000$ to 20 000 000$

When we’ll define Progressive Scale for affiliate, we’ll take into account of traffic quality. Your traffic will be estimated by sales volume and conversion level, as well as by the number of purchases from new customers of AliExpress. Counting of webmaster turnover we will start from October 11, 2017, after summing up the results for the previous period (from October 11 to November 10, 2017).

Why it is profitable to direct traffic to AliExpress
  • The time of order confirmation
    Average 50-70 days
  • The minimum bet for webmasters
    2 %
  • Referral program
    5 % From the income of the involved partner
  • Cookie lifetime
    browser session
  • Geo-targeting
Commission rate AliExpress?
  • Hot selling products
    up to 89%
  • Non-affiliated products
  • Mobile phones: Russia and CIS
  • Mobile phones: Other countries
  • Other products: Russia and CIS
  • Other products: Other countries, except Russia, CIS, Spain and France
  • Other products: Spain and France
  • Hair accessories: USA
Requirements traffic sources


  • Theme-based websites
  • Banner ads
  • Teaser ads
  • Public pages/groups/communities in social networks
  • Targeted ads in social networking Apps/games in social networks
  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Website traffic
  • Cashback (users % of their purchases)
  • Contextual advertising (Yandex direkt/ Google Adwords/ Таргет@Mail.Ru/ Begun) *
  • E-mail and SMS - newsletters**


  • PPV Ads (ClickUnder/ PopUnder/ PopUp/ Push Advertisement etc.)
  • Incentive traffic (Bonus/ Cash)
  • Sites with refund - content
  • Affiliate links on the pages of iTao social network (
  • Adult traffic
  • Toolbars and plugins
  • Cookie stuffing
Pay attention

All products on the AliExpress affiliate program are participating in the AliExpress website, except items from the "Mall" section with delivery from Russia.

*Contextual advertising in the partner program AliExpress is allowed with the following restriction: in keywords, text and title of the ad it is forbidden to use the words aliexpress / aliexpress and the like (including spelling with errors and in other languages). Brand inquiries (alibaba, aliexpress, alibaba, aliexpress, as well as similar spellings or spelling with errors) should be added to the list of negative keywords.

**Placement of affiliate links in e-mail and SMS-mailings is acceptable in case the user voluntarily subscribes to the newsletter and has the obvious possibility to terminate the subscription at any time.

Sources of traffic in the AliExpress ePN affiliate program must not infringe the copyright of Alibaba Group on its trademarks and domain names. More details on using the Alibaba Group / AliExpress trade mark you can read in the FAQ.

Any transitions of users on partner banners / links placed by AliExpress ePN program participants should be an expression of the willing and conscious desire of the user to buy the described product, or learn more about the offered offer / product.

Sources of traffic in the AliExpress ePN affiliate program should not contain refund - content aimed at deceiving AliExpress salespeople, as well as content that may in any form damage the reputation of AliExpress.

It's strictly against the rules to place affiliate and referral links on the Aliexpress website, including reviews on the product pages. In case of revealing such violation the account will be blocked, all earnings will be deducted.