AliExpress ePN


Please pay attention!

Starting from September 10, AliExpress stops paying commission for non-affiliate goods regardless of the country of delivery (previously they did not pay only for orders shopped to the CIS countries) for some types of traffic: Cashback, Toolbars and browser extensions, Dropshipping. For other permitted types of traffic, the commission for non-affiliated goods will also be tracked if the shipped country is not a CIS country.

From June 8, AliExpress has changed the rules for browser extensions:

  1. Extensions are not allowed to automatically open pop-ups on the AliExpress website at the time a user opens the AliExpress website, or while moving through it. Only notifications inside the plugin icon are valid.

  2. Extensions are not allowed to modify the code of the AliExpress website, including, but not limited to, embedding their buttons / text blocks anywhere in the AliExpres website

Starting July 6, extensions are not allowed to redirect users to affiliate links on AliExpress. By agreement, it is allowed to direct the user from the plug-in to his resource / website / service dedicated to AliExpress. Please contact ePN technical support.

AliExpress rules have changed from February 20, 2020:

  • Publisher's commission fee for non-affiliated goods shipped to Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Kazakhstan will no longer be charged. We are already preparing a tool for checking the “affiliation” of the products.
  • For the countries mentioned above there will no longer be dividing by categories (mobile phones, home furnishings, Hot sale products, etc.) Now, AliExpress sellers set the commission percentage for each product themselves. Webmaster commission percentage can range from 0.8% to 70%. In the future, a tool for determining the size of the bet will appear, until this moment the webmaster will know the bid only when calculating. For all other countries, the conditions indicated below in Table No. 1 continue to apply.
  • Cookie duration will be 14 days for mentioned CIS countries and in the future may vary from different factors.  

On October 10, 2018, AliExpress rules were updated:

Below is key changes

  • Instead of different commission rates for different categories and markets, commission rates will be only specified by categories of the products (please check the table 1);
  • The cookie term extends to 3 days hours instead of one browser session;
  • The special commission fee for non-affiliated products is canceled. Both affiliated and non-affiliated products share the same commission rates;
  • There is no doubling of commission for purchase from new shopper;
  • There are no changes for Hot Sale goods. For ePN publishers commission is still up to 70%.

Table №1

Category of products on AliExpress Basic commission rates
special category * 0%
Xiaomi/Lenovo /UMIDIGI/Huawei/OnePlus brands stores ** 0.8%
mobile phone 2.4%
computer peripherals 2.4%
tablets 2.4%
desktop 2.4%
laptop/netbooks 2.4%
home audio& video equipment 2.4%
external storage 2.4%
internal storage 2.4%
mobile phone accessories 7%
interior accessories 7%
garden supplies 7%
women's clothing 7%
men's clothing 7%
children's clothing 7%
all other category 5.5%
Hot sale goods up to 70%

* virtual products (including gift cards, coupons or any form of stored value usable on the AliExpress Platform), books, travel services and orders from the following stores that are not participants of the AliExpress affiliate program. Orders from this category are not tracked in statistics.

** The list of stores on AliExpress with 0.8% comission rates

Important points

  • According to the decision of AliExpress, from September 11, the affiliate commission for goods of some stores is 0.8%.
  • The limitation of your total commission for each order is $38.5
  • Please note that our Affiliate Program applies ONLY to products of sellers from PRC, excluding and without limitation, products of the sellers from the Russian Federation and/or other countries. Products from and are not subject to commission.
  • If an affiliate link leads to a product whose page is unavailable or to a product of a store that is not participating in the affiliate program, then AliExpress can automatically redirect it to a similar goods of a seller participating in Aliexpress affiliate program.
  • When creating affiliate links to AliExpress, use only direct links, such as and so on. If you use the link in the format, the commission may not be counted.
  • To receive an increased rate on hot sale products, the buyer must click on your affiliate link that leads directly to this product and place an order. For example, if the buyer clicked on your affiliate link that leads to the main page of AliExpress and then bought hot sale goods, you will get a standard commission for that sell.
  • Please note that all virtual products covered by special category, travel and coupon services or books are NOT subject to commission. Such virtual products include but not limited to gift cards and coupons. We reserve the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to determine whether a product is regarded as a virtual product for the purpose of calculating commission.
  • Commission will be rejected if there is opened dispute for the order on AliExpress.
  • The commission is always “cut off” to downwards by AliExpress. This is especially evident on orders with small amounts. Such bias of 1-2 cents in this situation is normal. This is the result of rounding at different stages of the movement of money.
  • AliExpress can cancel orders on its end if the buyer uses one of the AliExpress coupons when making purchase (Special coupon, Coupon from the seller, Coupon for a new buyer, etc.).
  • The order will not be charged to you if the buyer uses the plugin "AliExpress Assistant for Online Shopping".
  • Order numbers on AliExpress and in ePN statistics may be different
Why it is profitable to direct traffic to AliExpress
  • The time of order confirmation
    Average 50-70 days
  • The minimum bet for webmasters
    2 %
  • Referral program
    5 % From the income of the involved partner
  • Cookie lifetime
    3 of 14 days (depending on country of delivery)
  • Geo-targeting
Commission rate AliExpress?
  • Hot selling products
    up to 70%
  • Mobile phone accessories, Interior accessories, Garden supplies, Women's clothing, Men's clothing, Children's clothing
  • Mobile phones, Computer peripherals, Tablets, Desktop, Laptop, Netbooks
  • Home audio& Video equipment, External storage, internal storage
  • All other goods
Requirements traffic sources


  • Contextual advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • RichMedia
  • E-mail newsletter
  • Public groups / communities in social networks
  • Teaser advertising
  • Doorway
  • Content sites
  • SMS-mailing
  • Cashback service
  • Traffic brokering
  • Price-Comparison (price comparison sites and marketplaces)
  • Mobile traffic
  • Remarketing
  • Coupons/promo codes aggregators
  • YouTube-channels
  • Targeted advertising
  • Applications / games in social networks
  • Instant messengers


  • Contextual advertising on the brand
  • Clic-under/Pop-under
  • Motivated traffic
  • Push Ads
  • Toolbars and Plugins
  • Adult
Pay attention

All products on the AliExpress affiliate program are participating in the AliExpress website, except items from the "Mall" section with delivery from Russia.

*Contextual advertising in the partner program AliExpress is allowed with the following restriction: in keywords, text and title of the ad it is forbidden to use the words aliexpress / aliexpress and the like (including spelling with errors and in other languages). Brand inquiries (alibaba, aliexpress, alibaba, aliexpress, as well as similar spellings or spelling with errors) should be added to the list of negative keywords.

**Placement of affiliate links in e-mail and SMS-mailings is acceptable in case the user voluntarily subscribes to the newsletter and has the obvious possibility to terminate the subscription at any time.

Sources of traffic in the AliExpress ePN affiliate program must not infringe the copyright of Alibaba Group on its trademarks and domain names. Main rules, concerning Alibaba Group trademark usage on traffic sources taking part in the affiliate program, are the following: 1. The 'AliExpress' word cannot be used in the domain name of the website. Variants with a spelling mistake and names similar to Aliexpress are also not allowed. 2. The header of the website and logotypes of the communities in social networks cannot contain the new or old logotype of Aliexpress and its easily recognized elements. The Aliexpress favicon cannot be copied as well. 3. Main principle that should be followed by the websites participating in the affiliate program is the following: it must be clear to the users, that this is a third-party website, that is not related to AliExpress/Alibaba Group legally. Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions on this aspect of the rules, please, contact the support team. We’ll be happy to review every traffic source individually and to give you recommendations on each of your projects. More details on using the Alibaba Group / AliExpress trade mark you can read in the FAQ.

Any transitions of users on partner banners / links placed by AliExpress ePN program participants should be an expression of the willing and conscious desire of the user to buy the described product, or learn more about the offered offer / product. Cookie-stuffing is totally prohibited in any form.

Sources of traffic in the AliExpress ePN affiliate program should not contain refund - content aimed at deceiving AliExpress salespeople, as well as content that may in any form damage the reputation of AliExpress.

It's strictly against the rules to place affiliate and referral links on the Aliexpress website, including reviews on the product pages. In case of revealing such violation the account will be blocked, all earnings will be deducted.