1. Terms and Concepts

To ensure complete and unambiguous understanding of these rules (hereinafter - Rules) each of the participants of the system definitions of terms and concepts that are used later in the rules and in all services of software package of advertising network "e-Commerce Partners Network" (hereinafter - Advertising Network or ePN) are below.

Advertising network operating with CPA model.
Cost Per Action, the same term as PPA (Pay Per Action), that assuming work system of advertising network, where advertisers pay for execution of target actions, not for watching or clicks on promotional materials.
Group of employees of the company that owns the advertising network. Administration is authorized to perform any operations with accounts of partners in accordance with Rules.
Natural person who registered in the advertising network, whose activity is to attract users to the sponsor's project to make users do target action, using their own sources of traffic.
Partner's Account
Or "Account" - all services and functions of advertising networks available to the partner after registration in advertising network.
Current Account
Account of partner, which receives funds for the taken actions. Payments are made to WMZ wallet 2 times a month - since the 1st till the 3rd date, and since the 15th till 18th, excluding holidays.
Natural or legal person who places within advertising network promotional offers.
Websites of advertisers, assuming execution of target actions there for payment.
Promotional materials
Texts, graphics, and any other materials provided by the interface of epn.bz for publication in the partner's sources and that are promotional materials for offers.
Traffic source
  • Partner's website that is hosting promotional materials with links to one or more offers in advertising network.
  • Advertising and other networks where partner buys traffic for one or more offers in advertising network.
Number of visitors of your traffic source (site, groups in the social network, etc.) for a certain period of time.
Low-quality traffic
The flow of Internet users, as the result of:
  • using of any non-human-produced processes, including, but not limited to: programs, scripts, bots, clickers, frames, iframes, as well as using automatic pages updates in order to get the commision;
  • partner's participation in the Web services of exchange visitors and the same;
  • requests or convince in any form from partner to any audience;
  • getting traffic from other sources, fictitious or poor quality traffic;
Action of the person who clicked on a hypertext, graphics or java-script link, deeplink which is contained in promotional materials of offers.
Target action
Human action, committed by his own will with the purpose alleged by the advertiser.
Fictitious action
Act committed by a script or other automated complex, as well as an action produced by person without his apparent interest in doing it by the reason of requests, convince, fraud on the part of third parties. These and similar actions are not taken into account and not paid by advertisers and partner who was noticed in organizing substandard actions is blocked without payment of earned money.
Execution of desired action on the advertiser's site: registration, filling in web forms, shopping, watching video, or other media, as well as other actions.
Execution of the action associated with the order or the purchase of goods or services on the site of advertiser. Depending on the settings of offers payment can be either fixed or a percentage of the sale amount.

2. General provisions

2.1. These rules are the main document regulating the activities of partners in the advertising network.

2.2. Adoption of the rules is mandatory and a prerequisite condition for registration and further work of Partners in Advertising Network.

2.3. Rules are valid in the latest edition for all partners, regardless of whether rules were amended after partner's registration.

2.4. All information webmaster received from the administration of ePN during the work (including information about operating scheme of online stores , commision rates for specific products, etc.) is strictly confidential and can only be used by the webmaster in the course of his work with the platform ePN. The lay out of this kind of information in the Internet, and any other attempts to disclosure, will be groundsfor account blocking.

3. Registration and disabling partners accounts

3.1. Registration as a partner of advertizing network are allowed to able-bodied persons who have reached 18 years of age.

3.2. Registration partner advertising network means to fill in and send the registration form located on the page that has URL-address http://epn.bz/signup.

3.3. While filling registration form applicant must complete all required fields correctly and relevant information, including, but not limited to, a contact email address.

3.4. Contact e-mail is mandatory to confirm, which occurs on the second and third steps of registration. Partner can skip steps to verify this information, but so far he does not confirm it, he can not withdraw the funds earned from his account.

3.5. In case of a dispute, to verify the partner identity technical support ePN may request the webmaster copies of documents confirming his identity.

3.6. Administration of advertising network may refuse to register a partner without explanation.

3.7. Repeated registrations of one person as partner are not allowed. In case of two or more accounts created, owned, or is the means of work or income for a single person, the administration has the right to block all these accounts with the transfer of funds from the partners accounts to the accounts of the partner advertisers.

3.8. Administration Advertising Network can temporarily disable / deactivate the account partner at any time without giving any reason, at the same time:

  • In case of disable the partner's account at the initiative of the Administration, which is not caused by a violation of these Rules, the partner-earned money are fully paid to him;
  • In case of disable the partner's account for a reason related to a violation of these Rules, the funds held in checking, personal or hold account, are fully returned to advertisers.

3.9. If there are some questions about sources of traffic / traffic quality / working methods, ePN Administration contact to webmaster through technical support ePN. If administration does not receive a response from the partner within 10 working days, the account partner can be locked to ascertain the circumstances.

4. Requirements for traffic sources

4.1. Parameters of the traffic source must fully comply with the Rules

4.2. To attract users to advertisers offers promotional materials provided by the interface epncpa.ru and own webmaster's promotional materials, can be used in case of their accommodation was arranged in advance, unless otherwise required to place promotional materials for each offers.

4.3. Geo-targeting conditions are published for each specific program and they specified in its description.

4.4. To participate in the advitising network will not be accepted as a source of web sites and web servicov containing:

  • viruses, as well as any materials and services, really or potentially dangerous to visitors;
  • pornographic materials;
  • material that promotes violence in any form;
  • material that promotes discrimination based on age, race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual intolerance;
  • materials that violate existing legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • materials that violate the intellectual property rights of third parties and organizations;
  • mimicry in the domain name

4.5. Partner is responsible for the marketing on the partner site and for all materials on it.

4.6. The partner must make sure that the codes of party advertising networks and other java-scripts do not make changes to the work of the media rotators epn.bz.

4.7. To make media rotator work correctly, it is forbidden to make in his code any changes, as well as place it in the invisible for users section, including hidden blocks and frames.

4.8. The administration has the right admit traffic sources that do not satisfied the above conditions, as well as to reject traffic sources that satisfied all the above conditions without explanation.

5. Requirements for traffic

5.1. It is forbidden to attract traffic from the contextual advertising networks (in particular Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords and Begun) using promotion materials, that contains brand or advertiser name or particular offer and full or partial name ePN advertising network.

5.2. Low-quality traffic means attracting of users that do not meet the targeting demands of advertiser.

5.3. It is prohibited to all partners to generate traffic using:

  • direct and indirect offers to individuals or group of individuals on the web services and in the Internet to make certain actions;
  • any form of stimulation to make actions, including but not limited with providing additional opportunities, remuneration or any other form of promotion;
  • deceptive in any form;
  • spamming via email, sms and other distribution channels;
  • spam in comments. Using a reference is admissible only if the comment is really answers the question and useful at the same time.
  • information that can make a confusion or cause any other negative emotions of target visitor
  • any methods and techniques, that contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • sources that expressly prohibited by operating conditions with specific advertiser;
Thematic sites Allowed
Banner ads Allowed
Teaser networks Allowed
Public pages/groups/communities in social networks Allowed
Targeted ads in social networks Allowed
Apps/games in social networks, mobile and desktop apps, toolbars and plugins Allowed
Doorway-traffic Allowed
Cashback Allowed
Paid search ads (Yandex.Direct, Google Adwards, Target@Mail.Ru, Begun)* Allowed
E-mail, SMS newsletters** Allowed
Adult – traffic Prohibited
PPV Ads (ClickUnder Ads, PopUnder Ads, PopUp Ads, Push-ads, etc.) Prohibited
Incentivized traffic (Bonus, Cash ) Prohibited
Affiliate links on iTao (itao.com) Prohibited

*  Paid search ads in the Aliexpress affiliate program are allowed upon a following condition: key words, the text and the title of the ad cannot contain the "AliExpress" word and the words alike (including words written with a spelling mistake and words in other languages).

**  Affiliate links in e-mail and sms newsletters are only allowed upon a condition that the user has subscribed voluntarily and has an apparent possibility to unsubscribe at any moment.

Traffic sources in the AliExpress ePN affiliate program shall not infringe trademark rights of Alibaba Group on trademarks and domain names that belong to the latter. You may read more detailed information on Alibaba Group/AliExpress trademark usage at the FAQ section

Any click-throughs of the users at affiliate links/banners, placed by AliExpress ePN program affiliates, shall be the result of a voluntary and intended desire of the user to buy the described product or to find out more details about the described product/offer.

5.4. epn.bz or any other advertiser has the right, in its sole discretion, accept traffic from any source;

5.5. In the case of sources that generate traffic in violation of Sec. 5.2. epn.bz can disconnect sources and return money earned by partner in attracting visitors through this source to the advertiser

5.6. In the case of sources that generate traffic in violation of Sec. 5.3. epn.bz can lock account without warning with refund payment to the advertiser

5.7. Requirements for traffic to OZON offer.

5.8. Requirements for traffic to ASOS offer.

5.9. Requirements for traffic to Banggood offer.

5.10. Requirements for traffic to GearBest offer.

6. Requirements for the quality of actions performed

6.1. It is forbidden for partners to execute actions on their offer's sites, who paying for the purchase of goods or services, with exception of making purchases on the offer's sources.

6.2. In case of identifying intent fictitious actions made by a partner, his account is blocked.

6.3 When using CMS for creating websites, partner is not allowed to delete logotitip ePN from the site. Partner has the right to place the logo in any convenient place.

7. Procedure, calculation rules and payment

7.1. All incoming rewards initially fixed in webmaster's account, in the field Processing Balance.

7.2. Once in three months there is a quality assurance of the perfomed actions.

7.3. According to assurance results:

  • after confirmation of the purchase made by the user or by the expiration of confirmation (within 90 days) funds are transferred to the user's balance and available to withdrawal;
  • amount of payment for questionable actions require additional verification by the advertiser is recorded on the balance as sum (on hold);
  • the amount of payments transferred to partner's account by performing fictitious action, returns to advertiser's account.

7.4. Payment are made twice a month from 1st to 3rd and from 16th to 18th, with exception of holidays.

7.5. Payment may be requested once in a period from the 1st to 15th, for payments, which are made from 16 th to 18 th, and 19 th to the last day of the month, for payments, which are made from 1st to 3rd.

7.6. Advertising network don't pay for withdrawals, if balance is less than 10 dollars, so 10 dollars is the minimal sum for withdrawal.

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