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ePN — is a CPA-platform aggregating affiliate programs of the biggest e-commerce projects. We represent unique affiliate-programs of the top internet stores, exclusive tools to work with the best worldwide offers and best terms in the market for our partners.

Each webmaster (an owner of his/her own source of traffic, representative of an internet project or a traffic arbitrage professional) may place ads of one of the official partners of ePN and earn revenue by attracting customers.

In 2013 ePN launched exclusive affiliate program of eBay in Russia.
Also, we are the Partner Service Center of AliExpress, the biggest sales platform in the world, and, the most popular store for quality electronics, gadgets and men's fashion.
Affiliate programs of these popular online stores in ePN are suitable for monetizing traffic sources with different target audiences thanks to a wide diversity of goods of different categories.

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You can launch ad campaigns on all the websites that comply with the conditions of the affiliate program and earn commisions for the customers you refer. You can use landing pages by AliExpress or create your own lendings to attract customers.

We provide fast technical and consultative support to our webmasters. You can always contact us via support tickets, e-mail ( or skype - epncpa.

How much will I earn?

In AliExpress Affiliate Program commission rate for all products is 8,5%. In addition, the program has a system of motivating bonuses for partners with large volumes of quality traffic (the higher the volume, the bigger affiliate rate). Sales made within one browser session after clicking at affiliate link are taken into account. Commission rates are calculated based on the item price excluding Aliexpress fees and the delivery cost.


e-Commerce Partners Network Team is constantly monitoring the quality of traffic.

• If the webmaster provides traffic with good conversion rate, his reward may be increased.

• All attempts of deception may be a reason for the cessation of payments and the account blocking.

You may order the payment after your revenue is confirmed (once the order is delivered to the buyer).
Payments are made twice a month : from the 1st to the 3rd day and from the 16th to 18th day of month to WMZ, ePayments (no transaction fees), Wire Transfer, Yandex.Money, Qiwi.

Traffic Sources

Geo targeting – absolutely no boundaries! You can monetize traffic from all over the world!

Thematic sites Allowed
Banner ads Allowed
Teaser networks Allowed
Public pages/groups/communities in social networks Allowed
Targeted ads in social networks Allowed
Apps/games in social networks, mobile and desktop apps, toolbars and plugins Allowed
Doorway-traffic Allowed
Cashback Allowed
Paid search ads (Yandex.Direct, Google Adwards, Target@Mail.Ru, Begun)* Allowed
E-mail, SMS newsletters** Allowed
Adult – traffic Prohibited
PPV Ads (ClickUnder Ads, PopUnder Ads, PopUp Ads, Push-ads, etc.) Prohibited
Incentivized traffic (Bonus, Cash ) Prohibited
Affiliate links on iTao ( Prohibited

*  Paid search ads in the Aliexpress affiliate program are allowed upon a following condition: key words, the text and the title of the ad cannot contain the "AliExpress" word and the words alike (including words written with a spelling mistake and words in other languages).

**  Affiliate links in e-mail and sms newsletters are only allowed upon a condition that the user has subscribed voluntarily and has an apparent possibility to unsubscribe at any moment.

Traffic sources in the AliExpress ePN affiliate program shall not infringe trademark rights of Alibaba Group on trademarks and domain names that belong to the latter. You may read more detailed information on Alibaba Group/AliExpress trademark usage at the FAQ section

Any click-throughs of the users at affiliate links/banners, placed by AliExpress ePN program affiliates, shall be the result of a voluntary and intended desire of the user to buy the described product or to find out more details about the described product/offer.

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