Dear webmasters,

We are happy to share with you the wonderful news of e-Commerce Partners Network as well as new developments and other modifications of our system. First of all, we’d like to say that representatives of the ePN Affiliate Platform paid a friendly visit to the office of Alibaba Group in China (Hangzhou) and were cordially received by the AliExpress Affiliates Team. The business meeting for sure didn’t go without a spirited discussion of the most essential issues of partnership, such as the acceleration of payments, quality control of traffic and, of course, better conditions for trusted partners of ePN.

We hope that new beginnings and ideas that were born during the discussions will grow into full scale projects in the course of our multi-field cooperation with с Alibaba Group and will let us substantially extend the opportunities for our partners and get additional preferences for our webmasters. We are ready to announce one of the results of the meeting: soon sales made through AliExpress mobile app will be evaluated by CPA-scheme. It means that you will be able to start promoting the mobile app in the nearest future!

Meanwhile AliExpress is celebrating its 5 year anniversary on a large scale with grand contests and sales for its loyal fans. We congratulate the internet-giant with a significant anniversary and wish AliExpress to continue its developing and growth;  as for our partners, we wish you to make the best of this opportunity for increasing profit in the days of sales!

We have also added new features to our cms: now ePN CMS Lite supports work on ‘diffıcult’ hostings, and that means, that work with our affiliate shops just got even easier! The possibility of choosing currency of the price has also been developed. The same modifications were added for  ePN CMS: among other things, we have added the possibility of switching the language (Russian language was added) and the function of cashing references to API to increase the speed of work. One more interesting feature in ePN CMS: now the goods have more than one picture and you can humour your users with cool pictures of the most attractive items. The possibility of choosing the currency of the price of the goods and the language for product descriptions has also been added to ePN Goods SDK – our product for the most experienced developers.

In conclusion, a bit of  information for those webmasters who are participating in our “A gift from AliExpress ePN” giveaway promo – the tracking number for your gift has been added to your profile.

Thanks for effective work and stay with us! May you have high conversions!

Sincerely yours,
The ePN Team