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12.12.2017 Promocodes for AliExpress in honor of the EPN's birthday !

You were waiting for this!
Of course, We'll do our best to please you with promocodes for AliExpress. Use promocode WOWali to get more than + 2% to the basic rates for all product categories. Yes, and in smartphones! Yes, and in non-affiliated goods too! This is the highest rates for AliExpress, get and use the promocodes!

Activation period: 12.12 - 23.12
4.1% - non-affiliated goods and CIS mobile phones
6.1% - non-CIS mobile phones
8.1% - all CIS goods, except mobile phones
10,1% - all goods of all other countries, except Spain, France
12,1% - all goods of Spain of France, except mobile phones
12,1% - Hair Accessories of United States
Validity after activat...

01.12.2017 The new offer from ePN Affiliate is already available in your personal account

We have added a new offer worthy of your attention. We represent you Sima-land - a popular Russian online hypermarket. The assortment includes over 750 000 goods - from threads and toys to furniture and equipment. Delivery is carried out in more than 1200 cities of Russia. The store is in great demand among wholesale customers.

Earn on a huge turnover and high conversion of the Sima-land online-market! Your commission will be up to 3.8%.

More details in personal account

23.10.2017 The most attractive terms of AliExpress for ePN webmasters

Dear friends, we are sharing the long-awaited news and secrets! We have 3 awesome points!


ePN and AliExpress increase commission rates for you

Now you will receive more profit from affiliated products. And for non-affiliated goods commission will be counted at the basic rate of 2.1%. You can check if product is affiliated or not here Rates for Tmall products do not change.



* rates have changed in all categories from 23.10.2017 and the maximum commission for one order is up to $ 50.

If you already have higher rates, ePN will give you + 0.1% in addition to your rate, so that you can estimate our excellent service and feel all the...

30.08.2017 New terms in AliExpress
Dear friends!

As you know AliExpress has reduced the rates for all categories of goods on August 10. We’ve done our best to make this transition more comfortable for you. We have kept higher rates as long as we could. Now we have to announce of another rates decline.

The changes come into force on September 1. New rates will be:

  • Mobile phones orders (for Russian Federation  (for Russian Federation and CIS countries) - 2.55%

  • Other categories orders (for Russian Federation (for Russian Federation and CIS countries) – 5.1%

  • Mobile phones orders (for other countries) - 3.4%

  • Hair and accessories category orders (for France, Spain and USA) – 8,4%

  • ...

23.08.2017 Participate in contests from GearBest and win a bonus up to $400 or goods for the amount of $600!
Hello, friends!

ePN team and online-store GearBest announce the start of two big contests!

During September 2017 GearBest makes particularly favorable conditions for webmasters: the commission for some categories of goods will be raised up to 50% and great prizes will be played. Choose what you like most and take part in any of the contests:

1. The most active group in social network!


  1. you have to be a group administrator and to advertise GearBest in any of these social networks: VK, Instagram, OK, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter.

  2. there must be the word ‘GearBest” in the title of your group

  3. every day you have to make 3 posts at least...

18.08.2017 Commission rate up to 50% in GearBest for goods up to $3

Hello, friends!

GearBest does not waste time and conquers the market by all available means!

For webmasters there is good news too! Here is another promotion that will definitely raise your interest to this offer: the сommission on goods cost up to $3 will be increased to 50%!

Here are the exact numbers:

  • When the value of the good is up to $1.00 commission will be 50%
  • When the value of the good ranges from $1.01 to $2.00 commission will be 30%
  • When the value of the good is from $2,01 to $3.00 the commision will be 20%

Check out the website, there's a huge range of useful products in this price category, it can hardly be that someone ...

09.08.2017 New terms of referral programs

Dear friends!

As you know AliExpress has changed partnership terms, so the conditions of referal programs change as well.

Now you may choose one of three programs:

Standard: you receive 10% of the amount of cashback of the attracted user in ePN Cashback

Fast-track: you get from $ 2 to $ 5 for the active user

Hybrid: you get 2,5% of the cost of the first purchase, and 5% of the amount of cashback in the next time for life

Dear friends, we still care for your maximum benefit from using ePN Cashback, so new referral programs will be introduced in the nearest future.

Follow the news ;)

Thank you for choosing us!

ePN Team.

09.08.2017 New terms of the AliExpress affiliate program
Dear friends!

We confirm that Aliexpress has officially announced of changes in partners program terms. As consequence progressive rates scale has been cancelled.

The changes come into force on Thursday, August,10.

Webmaster’s conditions:

USA: Mobile phones category — 3,4%
Hair and accessories – 8,4%
Other categories – 6,7%

France and Spain: Mobile phones category — 3,4%
Other categories – 8,4%
Other countries: Mobile phones category — 3,4%
Other categories – 6,7%

These rates will stay actual by the end of August.

Dearest friends, we know this is disappointing news for you. We’ll do our best to keep higher rates as long as possible. Besides, all the transac...

25.07.2017 Join the JO WISDOM Dancing Jewel Store affiliate program in AliExpress!
Hello, friends! 

We present you JO WISDOM Dancing Jewel Store in AliExpress. 

The online-store offers quality and unique silver jewelry. A wide range of products, presented in the store, allows you to choose a stylish decoration for every taste at an affordable price. 

Special offer for ePN webmasters: 
  • the commission rate is 14% for the paid order. 

Store advantages:

  • Affordable prices
  • More than 500 types of silverware
  • Regular promotions and discounts
  • Seller's quality and reliability guarantee
  • Free shipping from Russia 2-8 days

Right now in the store there are discounts up to 65%, it means that users will be able to buy goods with a general benef...

13.07.2017 Action from GearBest: bonuses for attracting new webmasters
Dear webmasters!

GearBest launches an action to attract new webmasters.


  • For each new webmaster involved, you get a bonus.
  • A new webmaster is user who didn`t work before with GearBest store.
  • The size of bonus depends on the turnover of new webmaster after connecting to GearBest affiliate program.

Bonus calculation:

Turnover of new webmaster for 30 days


>= 10 orders

$5 - for each new webmaster

>=50 orders

$15 - for each new webmaster

>=100 orders

$25 - for each new webmaster

>=300 orders

Number of orders*10%...

11.07.2017 Payments to PayPal
Hello, friends!
Today we have great news!
We started working with the PayPal payment system. It means that now you can make a payment to your PayPal wallet.

Commission for the withdrawal will be - 7%.

Minimum payout:

  • From the dollar balance - 10 $
  • From the ruble balance - 500 
  • From the pound balance - 10 £
  • From the euro balance  - 10 €

Important information:

1. Adding a PayPal wallet occurs only if you have a page on PayPal.Me. You can create a page here:
2. Withdrawal to PayPal is carried out within 24 hours from the payment order.

Best Regards,
ePN Team.


05.07.2017 We extend the promotion "8.1% advance" for webmasters!

Dear webmasters!

While everyone is complaining about the seasonal decline in sales, we continue to please you with increased rates!

We extend the promotion "8.1% advance" for webmasters in August.

Terms of action:

Until July 31, activate a promo code "Earn_with_ePN" to increased commission in AliExpress. The promo code rate depends on the country and product category:

  • for "Mobile phones" category

USA – 6.48%

France and Spain – 6.48%

Other countries – 6.48%

  • for  "Hair & Accessories" category

USA – 11.34%

France and Spain – 11.34%

Other countries – 9.72%

  • for other categories

USA – 9.72%

France and Spain – 11.34%

Other countries – 9.72%

Promo code is valid for 1...

30.06.2017 New Chinese offers: Buyincoins, Dresslily, Sammydress.

Hello, friends!

We expand the list of our partners. We added 3 interesting and promising stores!

Here they are:

1. Buyincoins is a Chinese online store with low prices and free shipping worldwide. More than 30 thousand items of goods: electronics, smartphones, goods for beauty and health, household goods.
GEO: All countries
COMMISSION: 6% for the paid order
More information:

2. Dresslily is a store with wide range of stylish clothes and accessories for men and women, selected with a focus on US market and European countries.
GEO: All countries


30.06.2017 ePN Cashback 2017 Race!
Hello, friends!

We remind you that a big ePN Cashback 2017 Race continues. Attract more users to ePN Cashback and win iPhone 7, iPad, MacBook Pro, Mercedes SUV or 1 000 000 rubles!

More information: 

To accelerate in the race and become a winner, we added 3 referral program schemes to your personal cabinet, and they are not limited only in the race! What kind of program to choose, is up to you: 

Also, don`t forget to use referral promo codes to attract referrals. Please note that these promo codes have already appeared in the webmaster account! You can find them on the "Attracting referrals" page!

Good luck!

ePN Team.


28.06.2017 Earn even more with referral promo codes!
Hello, friends!

We continue to increase your earnings!

What have we prepared?

Referral promo codes that you can use to get referrals. By use such a promo code during registration, the user becomes your referral, and you get up to 30% of his cashback as a reward.

What is a benefit?

Your referral will get an increased cashback: 6% for smartphones and 8% for all other goods! Increased rates will allow you even more motivate users to register and purchase.

How to use a referral promo code? 

You can redeem a promo code or referral link with your code. In this case, a user who has follow your referral link will automatically fill in the code when registering. Af...

21.06.2017 Quick payouts for webmasters!
Hello friends!

We have great news! From this moment, webmasters can receive payment for 5 minutes after the order.

Unique conditions only in ePN: if earlier payments were 2 times a month, now you can get money from your account at any time!

Pay attention, instant payments don`t pass if the source of traffic violates rules of the partner program. Also bank transfers at the moment on the same terms. If you have any questions, please contact with technical support.

Also we want to remind you that we have an action for webmasters. Until the end of the month, activate the promotional code Fly_with_ePN to an increased commission of 8.1% in AliExpress (except for pr...

08.06.2017 Do you want to get a bonus up to $ 5 000? Participate in the action from GearBest!

Hello friends!

Good news from our Chinese partners! GearBest launches action for webmasters with a bonus scale depending on the confirmed turnover. This action will be interesting even to those webmasters who haven`t directed traffic to GearBest before.

If you didn`t direct traffic to Gearbest (or the turnover amount is less than $100), from 7 to 19 June making the confirmed turnover more than $100, you get a bonus of $ 20 on balance!

Terms of action:

1. All participants are divided into "weight" categories, depending on the volume of confirmed turnover from 7 to 19 May.

2. The bonus depends on the turnover of two periods: from 7 to 19 May and from 7 to 1...

24.05.2017 RACE EPN CASHBACK 2017! Attract users to ePN Cashback and win million rubles!

Hello friends!

We announce the start of big race with a total prize fund more than 3 million rubles!!!

RACE EPN CASHBACK - the challenge among ePN users, in which everyone wins. Start attracting users to ePN Cashback right now and you can not only earn, but also win valuable prizes. More users you attract, more valuable prizes you can get and the higher chance to win. Prove that you are the best!

The terms of participation:
– Actively attract users to ePN Cashback. For each active user attracted by the referral link (who made purchases for more than $1), you get 1 point (km).
– If the attracted user bought more than $10, you get 1 additional point (km) once.
– ...

07.04.2017 More than 1 000 000 users!

More than one million users registered in our service! This is a very important event for our team!

We thanks to all users who use our product. You see how the service grows and develops. Especially last months we have done a great job, developed many interesting and useful functions, added new offers, agreed with partners for the best conditions for our users.

 In honor of this event we give:

We are moving along our unique path and a figure of one million users confirms the ...

30.03.2017 Join affiliate programs AviaSales and Hotellook!

Dear partners!

We are happy to share with you good news! Our program expands and we want to present you two new offers AviaSales and Hotellook to ePN.

AviaSales  is a search service, where you can find all information regarding air tickets. The site presents the largest base of airlines flying to Russia, the CIS and countries of the world.

The rate for webmasters for the AviaSales offer is 1.4% for a confirmed order, cookies are valid for 30 days, traffic can be sent from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.

More information about rules of the AviaSales offer you can find on the page:

Hotellook is a service that allows you to find and compare...