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24.05.2017 RACE EPN CASHBACK 2017! Attract users to ePN Cashback and win million rubles!

Hello friends!

We announce the start of big race with a total prize fund more than 3 million rubles!!!

RACE EPN CASHBACK - the challenge among ePN users, in which everyone wins. Start attracting users to ePN Cashback right now and you can not only earn, but also win valuable prizes. More users you attract, more valuable prizes you can get and the higher chance to win. Prove that you are the best!

The terms of participation:
– Actively attract users to ePN Cashback. For each active user attracted by the referral link (who made purchases for more than $1), you get 1 point (km).
– If the attracted user bought more than $10, you get 1 additional point (km) once.
– ...

07.04.2017 More than 1 000 000 users!

More than one million users registered in our service! This is a very important event for our team!

We thanks to all users who use our product. You see how the service grows and develops. Especially last months we have done a great job, developed many interesting and useful functions, added new offers, agreed with partners for the best conditions for our users.

 In honor of this event we give:

  • Promocode "ePN_1_million_users" for cashback 10.1% for 1 day with activation until 10 April.
  • Promocode "ePN_1_million" for webmasters 9.1% for 7 days with activation until 10 April.

We are moving along our unique path and a figure of one million users confirms the ...

30.03.2017 Join affiliate programs AviaSales and Hotellook!

Dear partners!

We are happy to share with you good news! Our program expands and we want to present you two new offers AviaSales and Hotellook to ePN.

AviaSales  is a search service, where you can find all information regarding air tickets. The site presents the largest base of airlines flying to Russia, the CIS and countries of the world.

The rate for webmasters for the AviaSales offer is 1.4% for a confirmed order, cookies are valid for 30 days, traffic can be sent from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.

More information about rules of the AviaSales offer you can find on the page:

Hotellook is a service that allows you to find and compare...

09.03.2017 Promo action for Gearbest 3'rd birthday!

Good news from our Chinese partners – for their 3'rd birthday prepared interesting promo action for webmasters.


  1. All participants shared by “weight categories” due to their turnover from 8 to 28 February
  2. Bonus is based on turnover for two periods – from 8 to 28 February and from 9 to 29 March

Conformity between Turnover and bonus* you can find in table below:

 Turnover from 8 to 28 February   Turnover from 9 to 29 March  Bonus 
 Less than $100   More than $100    $20 
 More than $100, but less than $1000  More than $150, but less than $200   $50
 More than $200, but less t...

02.04.2015 5 Year Anniversary of AliExpress and New Opportunities for ePN Partners from Alibaba Group

Dear webmasters,

We are happy to share with you the wonderful news of e-Commerce Partners Network as well as new developments and other modifications of our system. First of all, we’d like to say that representatives of the ePN Affiliate Platform paid a friendly visit to the office of Alibaba Group in China (Hangzhou) and were cordially received by the AliExpress Affiliates Team. The business meeting for sure didn’t go without a spirited discussion of the most essential issues of partnership, such as the acceleration of payments, quality control of traffic and, of course, better conditions for trusted partners of ePN.

We hope that new beginnings and id...

20.02.2015 Happy Chinese New Year! Extended giveaway campaign, new promo-materials and payment acceleration

Dear webmasters,

Our ePN AliExpress Affiliate Program is entering Chinese New Year with a bunch of good news, efficient new tools and other pleasant surprises. Our joint efficient work with you is getting more and more satisfying every day. In our turn we will do our best to live up to your expectations.

First of all, here is pleasant news about the campaign in honor of Chinese New Year. We’ve decided to extend the dates of the campaign until the end of February as our webmasters have shown great interest in it. Not much time is left, so, if you’ve earned 20$ or more in our system – send your request for a gift! Requirements for participants and other info...

05.02.2015 Exclusive campaign by ePN AliExpress in honor of Chinese New Year, updated ePN Goods SDK and new version of ePN CMS

Dear partners,

We’re glad to tell you that we are exact on our payments as always. The last payments were made on February 2nd and that means our webmasters got the chance to wıthdraw revenue at the exchange rate of 70 rubles per dollar! Considering currency fluctuations, we’re doing as much as we can for our webmasters to get maximum profit working with us.

One more good piece of news: ePN Goods SDK, a tool that gives you access to goods base and lets you attract clients using individual methods, has been released from beta-testing stage. Moreover, we’ve released new version of ePN CMS, based on new ePN Goods SDK.

New Year holidays are over; never...

30.01.2015 ePN CMS in Russian, ePN AliExpress interface in English and new PPV-landings

Dear webmasters!

We are happy to present you a long awaited release for developers: now ePN CMS supports Russian language. You can download the upgraded version for more convenient and effective work with traffic at Tools section.

The other piece of news that is equally important for ePN AliExpress is translation of the program interface to English. We have mentioned a few times before that ePN is the platform for attracting worldwide traffic as well as Russian. Now we have removed the language obstacles for foreign webmasters. The online market AliExpress is highly popular worldwide so don’t miss the opportunity to attract traffic from all over the world....

22.01.2015 Smartlanding ePN, TOP-100 goods in ePN, coupon and smart-banner improvement

Dear webmasters!

New Year holidays and days of rest and calm are over. This means that shopping time on AliExpress and active work for ePN webmasters are waiting for us ahead.
We start new 2015 year with ambitious plans for development and improvement of the AliExpress ePN affiliate program. Thanks to our webmasters for such productive cooperation we have!

New shopping season is coming. AliExpress has announced sale of bestsellers across all categories. Have a look at this link. There is also sale of presents and bestsellers with discount to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day, that will last till 31st of January. Therefore, we have added new promo-materials t...