Dear webmasters,

Our ePN AliExpress Affiliate Program is entering Chinese New Year with a bunch of good news, efficient new tools and other pleasant surprises. Our joint efficient work with you is getting more and more satisfying every day. In our turn we will do our best to live up to your expectations.

First of all, here is pleasant news about the campaign in honor of Chinese New Year. We’ve decided to extend the dates of the campaign until the end of February as our webmasters have shown great interest in it. Not much time is left, so, if you’ve earned 20$ or more in our system – send your request for a gift! Requirements for participants and other information concerning the giveaway campaign were mentioned in the previous news article and you can always contact support for details.

Other piece of news that is no less pleasant is this: a long-awaited AliExpress landing, where all the products are affiliate, has been added into the system: Don’t hesitate to attract customers to it and wait for sales! Other new landings also continue to appear in our system. The most popular landing for now is the one devoted to Chinese New Year Sale. Use all the effective ways to increase your revenue in our affiliate program!

Meanwhile, we continue to share useful information that will help increase conversion with our partners. Our new “Top” tool is improving and now you can see the most popular goods by category.

And here are two great pieces of news that we’ve left for the finale.

The first one will, no doubt, make the day of those who participate in ePN referral program. Now recommending ePN affiliate program gets even easier! We’ve prepared referral banners for you to attract new partners to our program and hope you’ll like them. Just place the banners on your website and get revenue from earnings of the webmasters that you’ve referred. You can get banners at your profile, as well as referral links.

Have a look at the second piece of news that is even better: payment acceleration system is in process at the moment. We believe that it would be possible to speed up the payment process by 1.5-2 times compared to current terms.

This system will be implemented step by step and our trusted partners, who work with ePN actively and show stable results, will get the chance to benefit from it first. This long-awaited payment speed-up will especially cheer up those webmasters who work by arbitrage method as well as cashbackers and all the partners for whom the speed of turn-round and premium conditions of payments are important.

So, it’s just time to start inviting your friends so that they can benefit from quick payments by ePN AliExpress!

Best regards,
ePN Team