Dear webmasters!

New Year holidays and days of rest and calm are over. This means that shopping time on AliExpress and active work for ePN webmasters are waiting for us ahead.
We start new 2015 year with ambitious plans for development and improvement of the AliExpress ePN affiliate program. Thanks to our webmasters for such productive cooperation we have!

New shopping season is coming. AliExpress has announced sale of bestsellers across all categories. Have a look at this link. There is also sale of presents and bestsellers with discount to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day, that will last till 31st of January. Therefore, we have added new promo-materials to our affiliate program to attract the attention of customers to this promo. It’s also needed to mention that conversion rate in the system has returned to its previous level after some fluctuations in December-January and is still increasing. Now is just the time to attract customers to make holiday purchases and to increase your revenue.

Besides, there is active work on publishing advertisement materials. In the period after the New Year we have added lots of new landings and banners of various themes both general as “Group Buys” and for specific topics. We continue to develop Smart-banners, and to work on algorithms of increasing the conversion. We also recommend you to visit “Promotion Materials” Page from time to time to get up-to-date promo materials.
We are happy to present you a new tool that will help webmasters to distribute traffic – Top 100 Goods. There are two options. The first is top 100 goods by number of sales where you can have a look at first 100 of the most popular affiliate products at the ePN system. Top 100 by Commission includes goods that gave the biggest commissions to our webmasters at the ePN system. While analyzing this section do not forget that one order can include several similar items.

The ePN Team is ready to present new and improved tools. One of the newest tools that have been improved are  coupons. Now xml feeds continue direct links which will allow you to set up automatic import of the coupons to your project.

There are also changes at intermediate PPV-landings. We have added a smart-lending tool based on the previous PPV-landings. In this case various landings will be shown after clicking at the link according to language parameters and user preferences. Besides, a new landing called “Original presents” with an up-to minute theme has been published.  
We are constantly working on the affiliate platform and development of webmaster tools, that’s why feedback is very important for us. If you have comments, questions or suggestions on ePN AliExpress affiliate program, please don’t hesitate to contact support. Your opinion will let us make our cooperative work more effective.

We’d like to pay your attention to the fact that minimal amount for money withdrawal from the advertisement network is 20$. You can order payment from the 1st to 15th days of the month for payments made on 16th-18th days of the month and on days 16th to the last day of the month for payments made on 1st-3rd days of the month.

May your work be effective and profitable!