Dear friends!

We confirm that Aliexpress has officially announced of changes in partners program terms. As consequence progressive rates scale has been cancelled.

The changes come into force on Thursday, August,10.

Webmaster’s conditions:

USA: Mobile phones category — 3,4%
Hair and accessories – 8,4%
Other categories – 6,7%

France and Spain: Mobile phones category — 3,4%
Other categories – 8,4%
Other countries: Mobile phones category — 3,4%
Other categories – 6,7%

These rates will stay actual by the end of August.

Dearest friends, we know this is disappointing news for you. We’ll do our best to keep higher rates as long as possible. Besides, all the transactions committed up to August 10 will be re-estimated according to the progressive rates scale.

Moreover we are working hard on developing direct partnership with Aliexpress shops, thus we can give you the best partnership terms. Kadell, Fogimoya and Jo Wisdom became our first partners, the list will certainly grow day by day. So ePN webmasters will have the most favourable terms.

Follow our news to be clued-up.

Thank you for choosing us,
ePN Team.