Hello, friends!

We continue to increase your earnings!

What have we prepared?

Referral promo codes that you can use to get referrals. By use such a promo code during registration, the user becomes your referral, and you get up to 30% of his cashback as a reward.

What is a benefit?

Your referral will get an increased cashback: 6% for smartphones and 8% for all other goods! Increased rates will allow you even more motivate users to register and purchase.

How to use a referral promo code? 

You can redeem a promo code or referral link with your code. In this case, a user who has follow your referral link will automatically fill in the code when registering. After registration, he immediately receives an increased cashback. To add a promo code to a referral link, just assign &promo= and enter your promotional code after the "=" sign. For example, http://epngo.bz/cashback_index/njpz4f&promo=pc17


  • Promo code raises a cashback rate in AliExpress:
    • for buyers in Russia and the CIS: 6% for mobile phones and 8% for all other products.
    • for buyers in USA: 7% for mobile phones and 9.6% for all other goods.
    • for buyers in France and Spain: 7% for mobile phones and 11.2% for all other goods.
    • for buyers in other countries: 7% for mobile phones and 9.6% for all other goods.
  • You can activate promo codes until the end of July.
  • Promo code can be activated by everyone except user who owns the promocode.
  • Activation is available to both old and new users of ePN Cashback!
  • Activating the referral promo code DOES NOT entail a break in the existing referral link. If your referral activates someone else's promo code, this will only increase your partner reward, because it is calculated based on your referral's cachback rate.

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Good luck!
ePN Team.