Hello friends!

We have great news! From this moment, webmasters can receive payment for 5 minutes after the order.

Unique conditions only in ePN: if earlier payments were 2 times a month, now you can get money from your account at any time!

Pay attention, instant payments don`t pass if the source of traffic violates rules of the partner program. Also bank transfers at the moment on the same terms. If you have any questions, please contact with technical support.

Also we want to remind you that we have an action for webmasters. Until the end of the month, activate the promotional code Fly_with_ePN to an increased commission of 8.1% in AliExpress (except for products from the category "Mobile Phones" - 5.67%). Among those who activate the promotional code, we will choose 5 winners who directed the highest traffic during the activation of the coupon.

Winners get an increased rate of 8.1% in AliExpress for 3 months with the option of renewal. Results of the action on July 15.

Best Regards,
ePN Team.