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The most popular products with cashback up to 90% for all ePN Cashback users!

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The ePN Cashback plugin

is a browser-based extension for the cashback

The ePN Cashback plugin is a browser-based extension for the cashback

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Functional possibilities

Cashback activation with one mouse click

Clicking on the button "Activate the cashback" plugin will get the cashback without visiting the site.

Product price dynamics

The button "Dynamics of the price of the goods" on the basis of history will show how much the price has decreased / increased, whether the seller overestimated the value of the commodity before the stock and whether the current price is the best to buy right now.

Proactive protection of SourceTech for protecting the cashback

The presence of a plugin in the browser can prevent the substitution of links by malicious applications and protect the cashback from theft.

Indicator of the cashback and the current interest rate

The plugin notifies the user about the possibility of cashback in the store, adding a green indicator with the current interest rate.

Step-by-step instructions for working with the extension


Authorize using the login and password from your cashback account.


Go to the store website and choose a product that interests you


The plugin will tell you whether the cashback is possible and how much it will be.


Press the «Activate cashback» button to get the cashback.

Video instruction from our users:


- Go to the store's website (AliExpress, GearBest, Asos, Banggood) and open the product page
- Extension will tell if it is possible to get a cashback for the product of interest
- Click 'Activate the cashback', after the browser extension will open a new browser window with the generated link for purchase with a cashback
- When you close the browser window that opens, pay for the goods
- The casino will be displayed in the statistics of the personal cabinet of ePN CashBack in 5 minutes.
- You must register with ePN CashBack
- Go to page:
- In the presented list, select the installed browser
-In the pop-up window, click the "Install extension" button.
The downloaded extension icon will appear in the upper right corner.
Feel free to click on it and fill out the fields "Login", "Password" in the opened form .
- You can use the extension for purchases in the cashback on AliExpress.
The plugin has a functional that allows you to track the history of the price.
Based on this you will be able to determine the best time to purchase the goods

Popular Stores:

cashback 90%


cashback 4%


cashback 8$


cashback 4.5%


cashback 1.4%


ePN Browser Extension (ePN Plugin for Cashback)

Why do I need to make purchases with a cashback via the ePN extension?


First, it is convenient.

The user does not need to enter the ePN Cashback personal area each time. The downloaded extension will always be at hand (in the browser plugin line), allowing you to make purchases with a cashback in two clicks.


Secondly, it is informative.

The extension can notify about new promotions, sales, distributed promotional codes for the increased cashback in the AliExpress store directly in the user's browser.


Thirdly, it is safe.

With the browser extension, more cases of cash-back theft are no longer dangerous to you! You will receive a notification if the rookers coockies are replaced or lost.

Click "Install extension"