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1. Terms and Concepts

To ensure complete and unambiguous understanding of these rules (hereinafter - Rules) by each of the participants of the system, definitions of terms and concepts that are used later in the Rules and in all services of software package of the Cashback service ePN Cashback (hereinafter – ePN Cashback) are given below.

ePN Cashback - service,  that pays back a percentage of the amount spent on purchase in Internet shops, that cooperate with ePN Cashback

Cash Back - returning some part from the cost of the purchase.

Administration - group of employees of the company that owns ePN Cashback. Administration is authorized to perform any operations with accounts of the partners in accordance with the Rules.

Partner - A natural person registered inePN Cashback.

Partner's Account - Or "Account" - all services and functions ePN Cashback, all services and functions of the cashback service available to the partner after registration in ePN Cashback.

Webmaster Account - account, registered inCPA-platform ePN (

The Referral Link — a tool to attract new Partners in ePN Cashback, that allows to get reward for attracted on ePN Cashback new users.

Partner balance — Balance of partner in ePN Cashback, where shown received cashback and its current status.

Partner payment account - personal partner account, where partner withdraw cashback.

Fictitious action — any kind of fraud action, which has as a result cashback, that received unlawfully.

2. General Terms

2.1. These rules are the main document regulating the activities of partners in ePN Cashback.

2.2. Adoption of the rules is mandatory and a prerequisite condition for registration and further work of Partners in ePN Cashback.

2.3. Rules are valid in the latest edition for all partners, regardless of whether rules were amended after partner's registration.

2.4. All information received by the partners from the administration ePN Cashback in the course of work (including information on schemes of work online shops, the interest rate for goods, etc.) is strictly confidential and can only be used by the partner in the course of its work with the platformePN Cashback. The disclosure of such kind of information in the Internet, and any other attempts of disclosure, will be the reason for blocking the account.

3. Registration and Inactivation of Partner's Accounts

3.1. To register as a partner in ePN Cashback is allowed to legally capable persons who have reached 16 years of age.

3.2. Registration of the partner in cashback service is a filling out and sending the registration form, located on the page that has the following URL-address: -

3.3. When filling out the registration form, the applicant must complete all required fields correctly and with relevant information, including, but not limited to, contact email address.

3.4. Contact e-mail must be confirmed. The confirmation occurs on the second and third steps of the registration. Partner can skip steps of verifying this information, but as far as the partner does not confirm it, they cannot withdraw funds earned from their account.

3.5. For safety considerations, if administration is not able to contact the partner using the contact information they have provided at the registration within 10 days, the payment may be frozen. Users are personally responsible for timely update of contact information, if contact information changes.

3.6. Administration of the cashback service may refuse to register a partner without explanation.

3.7. Double registrations of a single person as a partner are not allowed. If it’s found out that two or more accounts are created, belong to or are means of work and getting revenue for the same person, administration has the right to block these accounts and to transfer funds from partner’s balance accounts to the balance of ePN Cashback.

3.8. An individual who has an Account webmasters have the right to register only one Account partnerePN Cashback.

3.9. Natural person is prohibited to register their own partner Account and the accounts of the partners, their relatives for their Referral (whether the Referral link of your Account to the webmaster or partner's Account ePN Cashback).

3.10. Administration of the cashback service can temporarily disable / deactivate account of a partner at any time without giving reason, at the same time:
  • In case of disabling the partner's account at the initiative of the Administration, which is not caused by a violation of these Rules, the money earned by the partner is fully paid to him;
  • In case of disable the partner's account for a reason related to a violation of these Rules, the funds held in checking, personal or hold account, are fully returned toePN Cashback.

3.11. It’s forbidden to attract traffic from contextual advertising networks (Yandex.Direct, Google.Adwords, Begun) with advertising tools that contains name of brand, name of advertiser or name of specific offer, as well as full or part of the ePN advertising network name.
Brand names should be added to the negative keywords list of the advertising campaign.

4. Calculation and Payment Conditions and Procedure

4.1. All incoming Cashback firstly appears in Partner Balance “On Hold”.

4.2. If Partner successfully receive the order, he must confirm this in Internet shop (if there is such option)

4.3. After confirmation, that order received by user, or after the confirmation period is over (up to 90 days) the Cashback for received orders is shown on Partner Balance with “Ready for withdrawal” status.

4.4. If Partner cancel order, that has “On hold” status in ePN Cashback, in Internet shop, Cashback for cancelled order shown with “Cancelled” status.

4.5. Only those Cashback, that have “Ready for withdrawal” status may be withdrawn to Partner payment account.

4.6. To get cashback in Partner payment account the partner should specify the requisites of his payment account and order payment to payment account.

4.7. Payments are made only to those Payment accounts, that partner specified in his Partner account. Administration is not responsible for the correctness of the specified requisites of Pertner payment account.

4.8. If the Payment to Partner payment account successful, the paid sum is derecognized from Partner balance (the part with “Ready for withdrawal” status).

4.9. Once in three months there is a quality assurance of the performed actions. According to the results:
  • Cashback for questionable actions that require additional verification by the advertiser is shown in the balance “On hold”;
  • Cashback that appeared in Partner balance as a result of Fictitious actions returns from Partner balance to Advertiser.

4.10. If the Partner made a refund of the paid funds from the Paypal account, the Administration reserves the right to withhold from the Partner the commission amount paid for in the transfer.

5. Earning cashback for lost order

5.1. Administration from its own resources provides cashback for lost orders in following way:

  • AliExpress: 1,54% of orders from the category "Mobile phones", whose value does not exceed 1625 , 25 for orders over 1625 ;
    Of 3.15% of the orders from the other categories, whose value does not exceed 793 ; 25 if the order value exceeds 793 .
  • GearBest: 3.5% of the order of the Active user, whose value does not exceed 1785; 25 for orders over 1785 ;
    4.2% of the order a New user whose value does not exceed 714; 25 for orders over 714
  • Banggood: 3% if the cost of order not more than 830 ; 25 for orders over 830
  • Asos: 3,5% if the cost of order not more than 572 ; 20 for orders over 572 ;
    2% for orders from UK which cost is not more than 1000 ; 20 for orders over 1000
  • SammyDress: 9% for orders , which cost is not more than 4630 , 25 if the cost of order more than 4630
  • 2.24% for confirmed hotel booking if the price of the order is less than 1116 , 25 for confirmed hotel booking if the price of the order is more than 1116
  • Buyincoins: 4.2% for orders , which cost is not more than 595 , 25 for orders over 595
  • DressLily: 7% for orders of active users if the price of the order is less than 357 , 25 if the cost of order more than 357 ; 7.7% for orders of new users if the price of the order is less than 324 , 25 if the cost of order more than 324
  • focalprice: 4.9% for orders , which cost is not more than 510 , 25 for orders over 510

5.2. We don’t consider orders that you’ve made before you’ve registered in Tapicash or the orders made more than three months before the date of request.

5.3. You can get cashback for one lost order only once a month.

5.4. You can get cashback only for orders, that couldn’t be found usıng the “Find Order”form.

5.5. Cashback for lost orders accrued only for completed orders.

5.6. Cashback for lost order accrued directly to user balance, passing statistics.

5.7. Administration has the right to cancel cashback for lost orders or change terms for compensating the cashback for lost orders.

5.8. Please note that there is no compensation for orders from Aviasales and Hotellook.

5.9. The compensation sum for one lost order may not exceed 25 , 1500 , 22 , 20 .

5.10. Administration has the right to request an user's identification document and the photo of the product in order to give compensation.