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The orders appear in the statistics immediately after they've been paid for.
Check the following points: 1) Do you have purses confirmed. To confirm the purse you need to link to confirm who will come to your e-mail, specified during registration. 2) The minimum amount for an order of payment - $ 0.2 (20 cents). 3) Cash Back can be displayed after you confirm receipt of orders in the personal office AliExpress.
Cashback mobile app is now available for the users of Android OS in Google Play.
It may happen in several cases: - You haven't confirmed receipt of the order on AliExpress. If you have received the order but did not confirm it, the seller doesn't confirm your commission to us and it does not come to the website system. - You've used coupons and promo codes of other services. We recommend you not to click affiliate link or plugin several times in a row before you make the order, because such actions may be detected as spam by AliExpress Anti Spam system and you may lose your cashback. Please, click on the link or plugin once, its enough to get the cashback. - Cashback is not available for the goods on AliExpress from Russian sellers in the Mall with the delivery available only from Russia. It is recommended to check your browser to the following browser extensions (plugins): AliExpress Seller Check Поиск товаров по картинке на AliExpress frigate CDN MusicSig ВКонтакте They can intercept your cookie, and cash back you will not be counted. We recommend you not to click affiliate link or plugin several times in a row before you make the order, because such actions may be detected as spam by AliExpress Anti Spam system and you may lose your cashback. Please, click on the link or plugin once, its enough to get the cashback.
Cashback for an order appears in the statistics as soon as the order is paid for. The term of cashback confirmation for the order depends on the conditions of the store in which you made the purchase. More details on the confirmation period can be found on the store description page.
You may get your cashback using available payment systems as soon as cashback sum reaches 0.2$. You may order payout in your account.
1st way Go to AliExpress and choose the product you want to buy. Copy link, that lead to this product. Authorize on our site. You should paste copied link to the home page for authorized user and click «Buy with a cashback» button. Then the system check the link you've pasted and show you the informational message. To buy the product with cashback push the button «Continue shopping» 2nd way Install the plugin to buy easily.Authorize in the plugin. Go to AliExpress website and choose a product that you want to buy. Click at the plugin icon in the browser and press the «Proceed to order» button in the plugin. After pressing the button you'll stay on the same page. Now you'll need to make an order and pay for it. Done! You'll be able to see your cashback in the «Statistics by transactions» section.
Cashback is returning some part of the product cost to the customer after the purchase. Internet stores are paying commission for attracting customers. We share this commission with you.

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How to buy with cashback through service
Way 1

Choose the shop (AliExpress, Ozon, ...) in cashback service

Press the button “Go to the store” on the page of chosen store

Make the purchase, and cashback would be accrued

Way 2

Open the site of the shop (AliExpress, Ozon, ...) and copy the link of the product that you want to buy

Go to main page of ePN Cashback, past the link into field and press the button “Buy with a cashback”

Make the purchase, and cashback would be accrued

Browser plugins

For a more convenient experience we developed a plugin for popular browsers.

After you install the plugin, you'll be able to see the cashback ratio in one click
for the product you're looking at and generate the affiliate link straight away.

Plugin manual

Authorize to our service with your credentials


Go to
Find the product you want to buy


Plugin will tell you if cashback is possible and the cashback ratio.
Click "Continue (go shopping)" to get cashback.

Why cashback might not be accrued
  • If you don’t use our site or plugin to make order, or if you use site or plugin after you’ve paid for order or added in shopping cart.
  • Your cashback was taken away by malware browser plugin. Unfortunately this way of fraud is widely spread in Internet. When you make order, it is possible, that your cashback link was replaced by fraudsters and you won’t get cashback. We recommend make orders with cashback in clean browser, without any plugins and extensions (except ePN Cashback plugin). It is recommended to check your browser to the following browser extensions (plugins):
    • AliExpress Seller Check
    • Search products by image on AliExpress
    • Frigate CDN
    • MusicSig VK
    • AliTrust
    They can intercept your cookie, and cashback you will not be counted.

    Attention! To increase the probability of the awarding of cashback, we strongly recommend you also disconnect/delete browser expansion of other cashback services (AliBonus etc.) in order to avoid interception of your cookies
  • You have AdBlock or other extensions or programs, that block ads. Pay attention – your antivirus also may have settings to block ads, and it influence on cashback accrual.
  • The settings of your antivirus don’t allow using cookie files
  • When buying from the TMall section, the order must be completed after a direct transition to the pages of this section, including the pages of goods and categories. Cashback by Tmall is available only from the desktop version of the site.
    Note! Cashback is only available for purchases in Chinese stores and Tmall. Cashback is not available for the goods of Russian sellers that are not part of the TMall section. How to determine the country of the seller?
  • We don’t recommend you to click cashback link or click button in plugin several times in a row while you make order, because AliExpress Antispam team may think, that you are spammer and take away your cashback. It’s enough to click once on site or in plugin
  • Order should be made after you after clicking on the link in site/button in plugin and before you close the browser. If you want to pay for order later, click the link on site/button in plugin one more time before payment. If the product you want to buy is already in your cart, don’t forget to click the link on site/button in plugin before you make payment.
  • When you make order in Banggood, make sure, that Thank You Page APPEARED and loaded completely. Cashback won’t be accrued if you won’t wait till the Thank You Page load.
  • Important! Dear users, using WebMoney payment system, after payment of the goods necessary to wait for the transition back to the stores website GearBest or return the appropriate button! In the case of closing a tab to go to GearBest, the order can not be counted.
What to do after you ordered

If you’ve made order correctly, it would appear in “Statistics”

Order is On hold

If you’ve done everything right the order would appear in Statistics with this status. You may withdraw cashback, when its status changes from "On hold" to "Ready for withdrawal"

Ready for withdrawal

Cashback is Ready for withdrawal in 5 minutes after you confirm that you’ve received order in AliExpress, for other shops it takes up to 30 days. Cashback moves to balance and you may withdraw it.

Order Cancelled

The cashback status for order, that you’ve cancelled. Such orders are saved in your statistics. You can’t withdraw cashback for cancelled orders.

Totally withdrawn

All money, that you’ve withdrawn during all time you use the service.

How to withdraw money

After the cashback for order is ready to be withdrawn, it moves to your balance and you can withdraw it.

To withdraw cashback click on your balance or “Payments” in menu. Minimal sum to withdraw is 0,2$ for all wallets, except for credit cards, for which it is 9$. There is no withdraw comission.

1 Add the wallet

To add wallet choose in the drop down window wallet type and in text field type its requisites. Press button “Add”. You would receive the letter to confirm the wallet. After you would confirm the wallet you may withdraw cashback to this wallet.

2 Order a payout

Tab would be available after you would have more 0,2$ on balance and at least one confirmed wallet.

To withdraw cashback choose wallet from the list of confirmed wallets (the chosen wallet would be highlighted in red font), enter the sum that doesn’t exceeds your balance and press button “Withdraw”.

Attention! Type only numeric expression of the payment. Don’t add any signs except dots and commas!

3 Payment history

Ordered payouts are shown in history.

If the payout has status “error” please contact our support to solve the problem.