In ePN Cashback affiliate program you will get 20% of cashback from every attracted to service user during 30 day after his registration and up to 30% of cashback for all other further PURCHASES OF the user

Explore all the advantages of ePN Cashback affiliate program:

lifelong bonus from the attracted user

Reward from each purchase

You get reward every time when user you’ve attracted makes purchases with ePN Cashback.

Endless bonus

In the long term such model would bring in times more income from one user than model with one-time payment for registration.

Moreover, right after the first purchase the amount of your reward can exceed the highest reward for registration.

For example, new user use promo code for 10,5% cashback and buys smartphone for 175$. In this case the amount of your reward would be 3.67$ (more than 220 rubles). It’s already more than highest fixed rate - 200 rubles. And also user would continue to buy with cashback and to bring you profit.


Webmaster’s wallet

Clear base for affiliate reward calculation

Part from which other services give percent
Part from which we give percent

Stable profit

Instead of model with payment from cashback service income, you always know the base for reward calculation. Cashback services don’t show how much they really earn from user you’ve attracted because all services among ePN Cashback work with stores through an intermediary. This means that firstly service share revenue with intermediary, not with you. Add costs that even more reduce income and accordingly your reward. Reward that is counted from cashback amount doesn’t reduce, you always know basic cashback rate.

Our service provides not only the highest cashback rate, but also organize constant promotions! For example, only ePN Cashback organize promotions in which service raises cashback for all purchases made in AliExpress up to more than 11%! In this case from each 100$ spent in AliExpress you get 2.2$, while in model where you get percent from service’s profit you will get only 0,25$.


And this is not the limit!

As it was mentioned below, raise of cashback rate base is lead to the raise of your profit.

For example, when we raise cashback rate just for 1% - up to 8% - we give 50% of our profit. And when we raise cashback rate up to 10,5% - 200%! And duting the promotion where we gave cashback rate 11,3% we gave to our partners more than 1000% of our profit!

We raise basic rates

We give promo codes to the most active partners, that allow to raise basic cashback of attracted users!

Reward from the store
User’s cashback
ePN earnings
ePN earnings
ePN budget
Your reward
User’s cashback


Customer’s card

Big cashback

We are direct partners of all stores represented in cashback service. This fact allows us to provide the highest cashback for example cashback rate up to 18% in AliExpress. Direct partnership provides the fastest possible cycle of cashback circulation!

The fastest payouts

Direct partnership guarantee the fastest cycle of cashback processing! With the smallest sum of withdrawal - only 0,2$ - it provides the fastest reception of cashback.

For example, when you buy certificate in AliExpress you can get cashback after 5 minutes from moment you’ve made order, moreover, when you buy something and use certificate to pay for it, you get cashback again!

These factors guarantee long life cycle of the attracted user in our service and bring you the highest profit!

We are the official affiliate program and are always ready to offer our users the best conditions: - Cashback starting from 7% to any AliExpress product - Instantaneous payouts after confirmation of the orders - Minimum sum for payout is $0.2. - Payments are made every working day - 0% commission for cashback payouts
Cashback service has its own affiliate program: you'll get 20% from the cashback of any user that you refer within 30 days after their registration and up to 30% from the cashback of all the further orders of the user. Also, there is a bonus motivation system: the bigger the sum of the orders of the users that you refer, the bigger is the affiliate rate for you!
Every buyer wants to cut costs on the purchases as much as possible while spending the least amount of time and effort at it. Furthermore, it's always good to get your reward without any difficulties. Our cashback has been specifically designed for it. Referral links are available in the profile in ePN account and at the Affiliate Program section of the cashback. Also have a look at the special tracking link that motivates users to buy a product with a cashback and that lets you send customers to AliExpress directly (see the "Affiliate Program" section, Tools)
Your revenue in the referral program and your revenue on hold are available in Affiliate Program – Statistics section.
For a customer to become your referral, they will need to register in the service within 3 days after clicking t your referral link.
The user is assigned to you for an unlimited period of time, that is, all their purchases within their life will bring you revenue.
Yes, you can enter the cashback using the same login and password you use to enter ePN. In the Affiliate program section you will find all the necessary tools for attracting referrals. The referral links for cashback service is available in the Tools section as well as in the main balance at ePN.
Yes, you can, provided that you do not register a second account using your own referral link.
As a young project we aim to grow and develop and to take our place in the sphere of e-commerce. Our priority goal is to add new features. Our plugin is available and there are several means of attracting customers with the help of special tools, a convenient way of getting payouts to different payment systems. And the list continues to grow!
After your referral confirms the delivery of a product AliExpress has to do a check which can take up to a month. You'll get the profit immediately after AliExpress finishes its check.