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Weekly giveaway

17. 05. 2019 is ended 184 round draw

The winner of the round was vsavelo***ail.ru

185 the round is completed. Summarize.

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The summering-up is every Friday at 17:00

Earn 1¢ in ePN
Push the button “Participate”
Win and get your prize!

What is the promotion «Earn cent – get present from China»?

ePN gifts from China – is weekly activity in which we randomly choose the winner and send him gift from China

How to take part in giveaway?

The participation is absolutely free, you can take part in giveaway if you have at least 0.01$ (1 cent), including balance on hold.

You can join each round of giveaway from Saturday to Thursday inclusively, the results are summarized every week.

How does the ePN promotion «Earn cent – get present from China» is hold?

1 round = 1 week. We choose the winner every Friday. The winner is chosen by random number generator, then the winner give us his address where we send prize from ePN.

You can join each round of giveaway between Saturday and Thursday inclusive, the winner is chosen every week.

How many times can I participate?

As many as you want:) If you’ve won in this round of giveaway, you can take part again after three weeks. If you haven’ t won in this round – that’s all right, try again! To participate in next round just push the button in your personal account.

Full rules of giveaway you can read here

Good luck!