Ozon - one of the largest Russian online stores with the nomenclature of more than 4 000 000 commodity items. Every day about one million users from Russia, the USA, Eastern Europe and the CIS visit the store. The store is developing at a huge pace: the opening of large regional warehouses reducing the delivery time to 1 day, the introduction of a unique function Scan It! In a mobile application, and even launching a product line. For 18 years of its work Ozone became the flagship of electronic commerce with an annual turnover of 15 billion rubles.

Level Number of products sold last month, pcs Product catergories participating in the affiliate program ePN * /«Active»** buyers /«New»*** buyers «Electronics and household appliances» /«Active»** buyers /«New»*** buyers
1 0-99 2,5% / 5% 1% / 2%
2 100-499 4% / 11%
3 500-999 5% / 12%
4 1000 and more 6% / 15%
  • 20% increase in the coefficient from the commission for the purchase of goods, attracted by direct link (except electronics and household appliances)
Why it is profitable to direct traffic to Ozon
  • The time of order confirmation
    up to 60 days
  • The minimum bet for webmasters
    1 %
  • Cookie lifetime
    7 days
  • Geo-targeting
Commission rate Ozon?
  • for 15%
Requirements traffic sources


  • Contextual advertising
  • Thematic sites
  • Cashback services (returning users a percentage of their purchases)
  • Banner advertising
  • Teaser advertising
  • Public pages / groups / communities in social networks
  • Targeted ads on social networks


  • Contextual advertising on the Brand
  • Motivated traffic (Bonus / Cash)
  • Adult - traffic
  • Doorway - traffic
  • Browser plugins / toolbars
Pay attention

* All product categories except: categories "Electronics and household appliances"; Commodity items, the seller of which is not LLC "Internet Solutions"; Of commodity items of the section; Gift certificates. Note. The affiliate commission is also not charged for goods that were added to the Basket (or in the "Delayed") before the transition through the affiliate link.

* * Customers who placed more than one order on

* * * Customers who placed an order on for the first time. In the affiliate program of the Online Megamarket "" Internet resources that contain pornographic information can not participate; Promote violence; Racial, sexual, religious and other forms of inequality; Activities that are expressly banned by the legislation of the Russian Federation; Violate the law on the rights to the results of intellectual activity. The partner has no right to use the trademark "" in its own name, domain name, commercial designation. It is not allowed to use the Partner of the trademark "" and signs similar to it to the point of confusion in the names of groups and accounts in social networks, if such use will adversely affect the business reputation of Internet Solutions LLC and / or if not It will be explicitly stated that the group (account) was created by the participant of the Affiliate Program of the Online Megamarket "". It is prohibited to distribute affiliate links, banners and promotional materials by adding a partner identifier to the Customer's cookie files, bypassing the Client's action expressing and confirming his explicit consent to this. It is prohibited to distribute affiliate links, banners and promotional materials by sending spam in any technical way (that is, sending out electronic messages without first obtaining the consent of the subscriber or the addressee of such mailing).

It is forbidden to distribute affiliate links in the following ways:

  • Contextual advertising (type of paid advertising on the Internet, in which the advertisement is displayed in accordance with the contents of the Internet page, or in accordance with the content of previously viewed by the user Internet pages (targeted advertising), as well as other types of advertising that fall under the definition and The essence of contextual advertising) for the search word "" and its derivatives;
  • Use the words "" and all derivatives in the headers of the ads of contextual advertising.
  • Creation of Internet sites or Internet pages specially optimized for search queries for the word "" and all its derivatives, solely for the purpose of redirecting visitors to another site or page (Doorways traffic).

The period of storage of the cookie with the information about the partner identifier is 7 calendar days from the moment of transition through the affiliate link. At the same time, during the calculation of the Partner's Remuneration, the Purchased goods or services drawn up by the Customer within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the moment when the Client after switching to the site of the Online megamarket by reference placed by the Partner within the framework of this Agreement , Put the goods or service in the shopping cart.