Affiliate program ePN

Ostrovok is a Russian Internet service where you can find and book a hotel, hostel or apartment. This is an excellent offer for webmasters and bloggers generating traffic. Service often offers incentive promotions, especially in peak seasons. The catalog contains the best hotels in the world: Radisson, Hilton, Marriott, Four Seasons, Holiday Inn, etc.

Advantages for webmasters: The system has 680,000 hotels worldwide. Direct contracts with hotels and ticket providers. Instant confirmation. No additional commissions due to exchange rate differences. No guarantee deposit fee is required, etc. Advantages for customers: Low prices Lahore City of Hotels Flexible payment Careful support 24/7 Credible feedback Free App

Earn on booking hotels and hostels together with!

Compensation in the partner program - Paid reservation - 6.2%

Why it is profitable to direct traffic to
  • The minimum bet for webmasters
    6 %
  • Cookie lifetime
    30 days
  • Geo-targeting
    Russian Federation
Commission rate
  • Paid reservation
    6.2 %
Requirements traffic sources


  • Own websites
  • Thematic sites
  • Teaser networks
  • Context advertising
  • Advertising in social networks
  • Youtube channel
  • banner advertising
  • Doorway - traffic; Promotional and cashback sites *


  • Toolbar
  • popup
  • clicker
  • context on the brand
Pay attention

* by agreement