Affiliate Program Policies Litres ePN

Geotargeting: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
Commission rate:
Order payment 20 %
E-books by Gardners 5 %
Postclick cookie: 30 days

Traffic source requirements



* Any contextual advertising with the brand is prohibited, including it is forbidden to advertise on the website "LitRes" through the intermediate page (you can not use the domain for coupon sites). In the keywords, in the text and the title of the ad, you can not use the words litres / litres and the like (including spelling with errors and in other languages). It is forbidden to direct traffic directly from search engines directly to the Advertiser's site without using a gasket site, use the advertiser's name in the title or ad text of the ad, use the advertiser's name in his link. Phishing sites are prohibited, as well as any other sites whose content is contrary to current legislation The Russian Federation; It is forbidden to insert a cookie without opening a full page of the site; Spam is prohibited in any form