ePN. Standard ePN

ePN. Standard

We pay % for each purchase


  • 10% cashback with every purchase of your referral and 5% of the profit of the webmaster
  • for Aliexpress, Banggood, Gearbest offers
  • Hold - 30 days, depends on the date of confirmation of orders by the referral

Traditional program. Simple and clear. You have at your disposal 3 top-offers with different categories of goods. Experiment with the tools of advertising and the audience. Attract new customers on Aliexpress, Banggood, Gearbest or increase the average price of the order - in both cases your profit grows.

Requirements for traffic sources:

ATTENTION! In promotional materials, use only up-to-date information on cacheback rates.


  1. Thematic sites
  2. Banner advertising
  3. Teaser advertising
  4. Public pages / groups / communities in social networks
  5. Targeted ads in social networks
  6. Applications / games in social. Networks
  7. Toolbars and plugins
  8. Doorway traffic
  9. Contextual advertising (YandexDirect / Google Adwords / / Begun)
  10. E-mail and SMS-mailing *


  1. Context for the brand
  2. Contextual advertising on Google
  3. Motivated traffic
  4. Advertising on behalf of ePN Cashback on all traffic sources, as well as brands and logos mimicking the ePN / ePN Cashback brand
  5. Posting referral links on the advertiser's websites and feedback pages of advertiser's websites.
  6. Messages in the public Lamoda and its subscribers, as well as any mention of the name Lamoda in promotional materials

*The placement of affiliate links in e-mail and SMS-mailings is acceptable in case the user voluntarily subscribes to the newsletter and has the obvious possibility to terminate the subscription at any time.

*Motivated traffic means any potential user motivation to register in the service for financial or any other reward. Violation of this rule will result in the suspension of the account and commission will be rejected.

*In case of detection of poor-quality traffic or fraud activity the commission may be canceled.

Why it is profitable to direct traffic to ePN. Standard
  • Cookie lifetime
    7 days
  • Geo-targeting
Commission rate ePN. Standard?
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