Affiliate Program Policies E96 ePN

Geotargeting: Russia
Commission rate:
For a paid order* 280 r.
Postclick cookie: 30 days

Traffic source requirements



* Remuneration is paid for orders from 1000 rubles. Remuneration is not paid for goods from the sections "Value" and "Sale"

** Context advertising in the E96 affiliate program is allowed with the following restriction: in the keywords, text and title of the ad it is forbidden to use the word "E96" and the like (including spelling with errors and in other languages). It is forbidden to specify the price of the goods in contextual Placements. It is forbidden to buy advertising on branded requests to your sites

*** E-mailing is allowed only by agreement. It is forbidden to send any newsletters using the brand, logo, company name, or duplication of company mailings

**** Groups on behalf of the advertiser create prohibited It is forbidden to use the E96 logo, and also use "E96" and its derivatives in the domain / subdomain. It is forbidden iframe traffic and any forms of cheating, when a visitor enters the advertiser's site not at will. It is forbidden to accept orders independently and redirect them to the advertiser. It is forbidden to create coupons and messages about sales not coming from the advertiser. Advertising is prohibited on "Pirate sites". It is forbidden to use your own advertising materials.