Affiliate Program Policies ASOS ePN

Geotargeting: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, USA, Germany, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Moldova, Czech Republic, Brazil, China, Norway, UK, Israel, Arab countries.
Commission rate:
From the amount of the confirmed order for authorized traffic sources. 7 %
From the amount of the confirmed order for authorized traffic sources for orders from the UK 5 %
Postclick cookie: 30 days

Traffic source requirements



The affiliate program prohibits spam in any form, including but not limited to the sending of the same type of messages / comments on the ASOS website, in official groups of the store on social networks, etc.

Sources of partner traffic should not work under the dropshipping scheme or contain information about dropshipping orders with ASOS. In case of revealing of corresponding infringements the webmaster's account can be blocked, partner reward is canceled.

It is forbidden to use ASOS / ASOS names, spelling with errors, and "mimicry" names in the domain name of the site and in the URL of social networking sites.

It is forbidden to use the new or old ASOS logo (as well as its recognizable elements) in the site header and in the logos of communities in social networks.

The general requirement for affiliated sites - the user should understand that this is a third-party site that is not legally connected with ASOS.

Additional requirements for traffic sources:

  • Only thematic traffic sources are allowed to participate in the ASOS affiliate program
  • The source of traffic should contain interesting and useful content in the form of deployed posts, descriptions, recommendations. To participate in the partnership program are not allowed public relations in social networks entirely consisting of posts like "picture + link"
  • Sport content should not prevail in content
  • If the webmaster's site is focused on mobile traffic, it is recommended to create affiliate links to the mobile version of the site (

Important! The Marketplace section of the ASOS website, located at, is not affiliated. Also, in the affiliate program, purchases that have been committed (or "completed") in the mobile application ASOS, and purchases that were made using promotional codes (coupons) received outside the ASOS store (for example, promotional codes from ASOS by e -mail mailing list).