Affiliate program ePN

Increased commission 6.3% for all paid orders is availabe in June! ― Chinese marketplace with a huge range of goods for all occasions.

Customer Benefits:

  • the store is owned by a large company.
  • products directly from manufacturers
  • huge assortment
  • low prices
  • rare goods

This offer supports Deeplink function. You’re able to drive traffic to personal product pages and main page only You can direct the traffic to some category pages as well.
For this, you need to add the relevant "schema" parameter to your affiliate link

For example,

  • Gifts and crafts ?schema=1
  • Consumer electronics ?schema=2
  • Suitcases, bags and briefcases ?schema=3
  • Home and Kitchen ?schema=4
  • Mechanisms ?schema=5
  • Cars and accessories ?schema=6
  • Summer sale ?schema=7
  • Comission will not be credited when partial paying or prepayment

Pay attention! Comission fee is not charged for face masks&medial consumables

Why it is profitable to direct traffic to
  • The time of order confirmation
    Average 90 days
  • Cookie lifetime
    15 days
  • Geo-targeting
    Whole world
Commission rate
  • Paid order
Requirements traffic sources


  • Contextual advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • E-mail newsletter
  • Public groups / communities in social networks
  • Teaser advertising
  • Doorway
  • Content sites
  • SMS-mailing
  • Cashback service

Needs approval

  • Instant messengers


  • Contextual advertising on the brand
  • RichMedia
  • Clic-under/Pop-under
  • Motivated traffic
  • Push Ads
  • Traffic brokering
  • Price-Comparison (price comparison sites and marketplaces)
  • Toolbars and Plugins
  • Adult
  • Mobile traffic
  • Remarketing
  • Coupons/promo codes aggregators
  • YouTube-channels
  • Targeted advertising
  • Applications / games in social networks
Pay attention

All products on the affiliate program are participating in the website, except items from the "Mall" section with delivery from Russia.

*Contextual advertising in the partner program is allowed with the following restriction: in keywords, text and title of the ad it is forbidden to use the words aliexpress / aliexpress and the like (including spelling with errors and in other languages). Brand inquiries (alibaba, aliexpress, alibaba, aliexpress, as well as similar spellings or spelling with errors) should be added to the list of negative keywords.

**Placement of affiliate links in e-mail and SMS-mailings is acceptable in case the user voluntarily subscribes to the newsletter and has the obvious possibility to terminate the subscription at any time.

Sources of traffic in the affiliate program must not infringe the copyright of Alibaba Group on its trademarks and domain names. More details on using the Alibaba Group / AliExpress trade mark you can read in the FAQ.

Any transitions of users on partner banners / links placed by program participants should be an expression of the willing and conscious desire of the user to buy the described product, or learn more about the offered offer / product.

Sources of traffic in the affiliate program should not contain refund - content aimed at deceiving salespeople, as well as content that may in any form damage the reputation of

It's strictly against the rules to place affiliate and referral links on the website, including reviews on the product pages. In case of revealing such violation the account will be blocked, all earnings will be deducted.