Backit Fix (registration) affiliate program — earn up to from an order

Backit Fix (registration)


FIX payment programm for registration

It is easy to attract users. No restrictions for target audience. The number of Backit offers increases every week. Use benefits of every online shop and Backit platform overall to attract users. No need to choose one referral program. You can work with all of them and experiment with traffic sources.


  • 0.75$ for every new real user of Backit

  • all Backit offers participate (with exception of iHerb, Youla)

  • Hold: 30 days


  • Commission rate can be increased individually depending on the quality of your traffic
  • Commission rate may vary depending on the quality of the traffic
  • Commission may be canceled in case of poor-quality traffic detection during verification process

Requirements for traffic sources:


  1. Context for the brand
  2. Google ads
  3. Self registrations
  4. Motivated traffic
  5. Personal pages in social networks
  6. Public groups / public pages in social networks are allowed only after approval of administration and after testing period
  7. Registrations with temporary e-mail addresses
  8. Advertising on behalf of Backit on all traffic sources, as well as brands and logo to ePN / Backit brand
  9. Registrations with an empty referrer click (you can not see the source of the traffic) will be rejected
  10. Posting of referral links on advertisers websites and on the reviews pages to the goods
  11. Attracting referrals from Lamoda website and other relevant web pages as well as any mention of the name Lamoda in promotional materials

**Motivated traffic means any potential user motivation to register in the service for financial or any other reward. Violation of this rule will result in the suspension of the account and commission will be rejected.

*Traffic sources in the ePN referral program must not infringe on Alibaba Group’s copyrights in its trademarks and domain names.

ATTENTION! Use only up-to-date information about ePN Cashback rates in your promo materials.

It is prohibited to register your own personal account and the personal account of relatives through your referral link (either an account for Backit or a webmaster account (ePN Affiliate).


Cookie life time

7 days

Order confirmation time


Whole world

Traffic source requirements