Rules of «Join us!» promotion


  • CPA-platform -Advertising network that work on CPA model.
  • Partner - Individual, that registered in ePN CPA platform, whose activity is to attract users to advertiser’s projects.
  • New Partner - Individual, that has registered in CPA-platform ePN within the framework of promotion with switching traffic from another CPA-network or Affiliate program.
  • Administration - Group of employees of the company that owns CPA-platform ePN.

«Join us!» promotion conditions

  • For New Partners there is the opportunity to switch traffic from other CPA-platforms with the accrual of heightened affiliate rate in ePN CPA-platform.

Conditions of switching traffic

  • To switch traffic and to get heightened rate in ePN with additional 0.5% to your affiliate rate in another CPA-platform, where you've worked before, you need:
  • To provide information about month volume of your traffic, that you lead to AliExpress, and the name of CPA-platform, where you’ve worked before, to Support of CPA-Platform ePN by inner messages system.
  • To provide additional data by the Administration request to analyze your traffic, if it’s necessary.

Additional affiliate rate wouldn't be provided if you switch traffic from partners of ePN CPA-platform:

  • Salesdoubler
  • 7offers
  • Nutcpa
  • Admitad

The duration of bonus rate is determined individually, further affiliate rate would be counted according to ePN CPA-Platform rules.

Administration at its discretion can refuse to add 0.5% bonus to affiliate rate or to recalculate traffic at progressive rates of ePN CPA-platform.

Administration can analyze traffic of New Partner in ePN CPA-platform and in case of disparity between declared and actual traffic volume Administration can limit the participation of Partner in promotion and calculate his rate according to ePN CPA-Platform rules.