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Affiliate link -

To start earn with CPA model you should place on your traffic source link with your personal affiliate identifier.

Instruction: how to create affiliate link

  • 01. In the field “Name” you should enter any name you want (this field is only for your convenience)
  • 02. In the field “Any link to the store” you can add any link that leads to the page of the store.
  • 03. Save. Affiliate link is created.
  • 04. To find affiliate link you should scroll down
  • 05. In the block of created link choose “Get affiliate link”
  • 06. You also can cut the link

Deeplink -

So-called affiliate link generator. You can create lots of affiliate links based on one deeplink, without login to your account in service. For example, you need link for specific product. You can create new affiliate link or choose deeplink yoo’ve created earlier and get link from it.
How to do it?
  • 01. Take basic part
  • 02. Add GET parameter ?to=%link_to_aliexpress%, where =%link_to_aliexpress% - any link to AliExpress with url encode applied

How to create deeplink

  • 01. In the field “Name” you should enter any name you want (this field is only for your convenience)
  • 02. In the field “Any link to the store” you can add any link that leads to the page of the store.
  • 03. Save. Deeplink is created.
  • 04. To find deeplink you should scroll down.
  • 05. In the block of created deeplink choose “Get affiliate link”. Here you can enter any link of the store and get the code that you can place on your traffic source
  • 06. You also can cut the link
Statistics for links is formed on the basis of one deeplink is shown as statistics of this deeplink. So you might be confused by the absence of detailed statistics for each link you create - for this case we offer you to use Subid. If you add Subid to your link, you will simply track all statistics for this link.
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  • 01. Choose “Get affiliate link” in the block of specific deeplink
  • 02. In the field Sub enter the Subid you’ve come up with As a subid, you can use any You invented a character, word or number (valid characters a-z A-Z 0-9).
  • 03. You can see Subid statistics in Statistics, tab SUB


Banner is the “image” that you place on your traffic source. When users click on it they get to the site of the store.

Smart-banner allows you create not only single banner, but also the auto banner, that rotate on your site some banners, that you choose. If you choose only one banner, it works like a usual standard banner.

Product banners - is banners that scroll top and recommended products. If user is clicked on any item in this banner, he lands on a page for this product

How to create smart-banner

  • 01. Enter the name and choose offer
  • 02. Choose the size of banner If you set only the size, not specific banners, smart-banner shows visitors of your site optimal banners based on language they use and other parameters.
  • 03. Choose specific banners


    If you choose several banners in one smart-banner they would rotate on the site considering on preferences of users. When you choose only one banner, smart-banner works as standard banner.
  • 04. Create smart-banner
  • 05. In the block of created banner choose “Get smart-banner code” and place this code on your traffic source


Promo-Landing is ready-made thematic landing with pre-selected goods.

How to use Promo-Landings

In "Promo-landings" choose landing language and choose the most appropriate for your auditory Promo-landing and push button "Get"

Choose deeplink, add Sub (to get detailed statistics for landing) and choose currency, in which prices on the landing would be shown. The link that you get leads to your Promo-landing.


If you don’t want to focus on analytics and search for the most profitable goods, use “Goods”: we publish Top of goods based on our statistics every month. Top by orders and Top by commission are available.

If you want to find some goods without visiting the site of the store, you can use our search

Landing page designer

With landing page designer you can easily create promo landings even if you don’t have programming skills

How to create landing

  • 01. Enter landing name and description. This actions are only for your convenience.
  • 02. Choose language and currency, in which goods prices would be shown on landing.
  • 03. Choose landing design.
  • 04. Choose one or several goods categories. You can also add category manually.
  • 05. Choose "Add only goods", successively add links for goods, and they would appear on the landing
  • 06. Save your landing. Anytime when you create landing you can see the preview
  • 07. After you’ve saved landing, you can edit it any time, get link that leads to it, and also you can view it and archive it

Browser extensions

Browser extensions allow you to get affiliate link for any opened page of the store without leaving this page and without login to account on ePN site.

How to use extensions

  • 01. Download extension for your browser.
  • 02. Authorize in plugin. If you already authorized in ePN profile, plugin would work without additional authorization.
  • 03. To get affiliate link it’s enough to be on the partner store page that interests you. When you are not on the partner store page, plugin shows you next message, when you try to use it: If you already authorized in ePN profile, plugin would work without additional authorization.
  • 04. To create link click on the icon of plugin. In pop-up window choose the creative for link and push button “Get link”. The affiliate link is ready for use!

Goods export

You can use our product dump. This is a ready-made, collected and sorted selection of products, the code of which you can place on your resource. Also for you the top goods for purchases and by the size of the commission are presented.

How to use product feed

  • 01. Upload dump. Select most suitable dump offered by us. For AliExpress, we have prepared for You several types of dumps:

    Small - with goods with the highest commission
    Medium - a lot of goods with highest and medium commission
    Large – the largest number of goods with different commission
  • 02.Create new Deeplink or use the existing one. In “My Creatives” push the button “Get code”

    In the opened window you will see code similar to this. Example:

    In the code will contain the hash of a deep link. Example:17e4be196bd4e6caf854457903623b3c
  • 03. Replace the loaded yml dump all occurrences of the phrase in_DEEPLINK-HASH_ to YOUR deeplink hash Deeplink - 7e4be196bd4e6caf854457903623b3c (example), that you can get in your Creative code

You can create a site based on dumps ePN using the uCoz platform is one of the most popular content management systems. In uCoz CMS You'll find dozens of modules to implement projects of any complexity, hundreds of design templates website design and limitless development of Your product catalog. Create pages and sections, add widgets and manage content of website by using handy and intuitive tools and designers.
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Specially for our webmasters we prepared ePN CMS to use our product feeds. If you want to create site fast and start to earn money – this product is for you!
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Domain management

Here you can replace domain for redirection and use your own domain instead of

Domain replacement instruction

  • 01. Go to dashboard of the system where domain was bought (where you’ve registered your domain)
  • 02. Find and choose point “DNS zone management” (you can also edit A, MX and other records)
    Find and choose point “DNS zone management” (you can also edit A, MX and other records)
  • 03. As `subdomain name` you can add `@`, `record type` - `CNAME`, `data / ip / domain` - `` (there must be dot in the end of domain). If dashboard does not allow you to add @ - it means that your DNS provider can’t install root domain as CNAME. You can connect with support or add any subdomain instead of @. For example, `click`.
  • 04. Push button “Add domain” to send it to ePN platform for confirmation.
    Add domain
  • 05. After your domain will be confirmed you would get access to all ePN opportunities and would get affiliate link.
  • 06. Replace `` in code in your domain and use the result link on your site.


You can get API keys here and download documentation for Goods SDK and for Cabinet SDK

For developers we offer Goods SDK - interface to get data from our API.

With Goods SDK you can:
01. Get full list of categories
02. Get full list of goods in categories
03. Get detailed data about goods
04. Search goods in different categories. E.g. goods in determined commission or price range

Cabinet SDK - interface to get data from our API.

In Cabinet SDK you can:
01. Make selections from transactions
02. Make selections from statistics
03. Get list of creatives
04. Check links


For our webmasters we prepared ePN CMS Lite. It is the simplified version of ePN CMS, based on our product feeds. It works faster and easier to use than full version of ePN CMS. If you want to make site fast and without much effort, our product is for you! Instructions are inside the archive.
View an example

The improved version of ePN CMS Lite is the interface to get data about goods with our API. It based on ePN Goods SDK, so you don’t have to renew product feeds. However, ePN CMS is not completely autonomous, administration have right to close access to ePN CMS in case of breaking the terms of use. ePN CMS provides opportunity to filter goods by price range or affiliate commission.
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Anti AdBlock SDK

With this SDK you can add to your site function, that shows to your users, who use AdBlock and uBlock, that shows message to your users.


Our server can notify your tracker about orders with postback.

How to use post-back

To get notices, add address to URL field URL.

You can tag clicks with GET parameter click_id when redirector works, e.g.: click_id, example
After you get conversion our tracker sends you response to specified address with parameters mentioned below.

Required parts of URL
01. %click_id% - line, that you’ve given during the redirection, with a-zA-Z0-9._-, length up to 255 symbols, will be substituted
02. %order_number% - order number. Always unique

Optional parts of URL
01. %offer_name% - Offer name in ePN
02. %offer_type% - Offer tag in ePN (human readable unique identifier, for example: ali, ebay, ozon)
03. %offer_id% - Offer ID in the system ePN
04. %order_status% - Order status. Possible values are waiting (new order), pending (hold), completed (confirmed), rejected (order is canceled)
05. %sub% - Sub1 is transmitted during the transition
06. %sub2% - Sub2 is transmitted during the transition
07. %sub3% - Sub3 is transmitted during the transition
08. %sub4% - Sub4 is transmitted during the transition
09. %sub5% - Sub5 is transmitted during the transition
10. %revenue% - Purchase amount
11. %commission_fee% - Your commission from the deal. (Transmitted in the specified currency format. The amount 99 in cents means 0.99$.)
12. %currency% - Currency code in the format ISO 4217. (Currently supported RUB, USD, EUR, GBP)
13. %uniq_id% - Unique order identifier (unique for ePN)
14. %ip% - IPv4 address that was used to make transition to the offer
15. %ipv6% - IPv6 address that was used to make transition to the offer
16. %user_agent% - UserAgent is registered during the transition
17. %click_time% - The time of click. (Transmitted as yyyy-mm-dd h:i:s)
18. %time_of_order% - Order appearance time in the system ePN

Offers information

Fields description in array of offer:

  • id - Offer id
  • title - Offer name
  • url - Link to offer site
  • description - Offer description
  • rules - Link to offer terms
  • hold - Hold in days
  • postclick - Postclick time in days
  • hasBonus - Are there any bonuses for the offer
  • profit - Goal of offer and reward
    • type - Goal
    • value - Value
    • isPercent - Is it in percents
  • geo - Has array with countries, if it’s empty – whole world
    • code - Country code
    • name - Country name
  • sources - Array with traffic sources
    • title - ID of traffic source
    • legal - Is this type of traffic allowed or not
  • landings - Contains array with links to landing pages
  • categories - Offer category
    • id - ID of traffic source
    • title - ID of traffic source