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Cashback Bookmarklet


Bookmarklet is a simple addition, that extends the opportunities of your browser. Bookmarklet is not the browser extension, it uses the bookmarks capabilities and due to this it’s available for the majority of browsers.


To add the bookmarklet to your browser just move the button to your bookmarks bar:

If your browser doesn’t support adding the bookmarks by simple moving the button to bookmarks bar, you can create new bookmark, specifying the “ePN Cashback” as the title and copy the following code as a link:

Installation of Lite version

In case the Bookmarklet doesn’t work correctly in your browser due to various restrictions, you should use Bookmarklet Lite. To add Lite version move the button to bookmark bar:

Also you can create the bookmark, specifying the “ePN Cashback” as the title and copy the following code as a link:

How to use

After you’ve installed Bookmarklet, you should open the AliExpress page with the product you want to buy with cashback and click “ePN Cashback” bookmark. This will open a window:

In this window you should Push the button “Continue (Go shopping)”. Right after opening the new page with the product you want to buy you can make an order.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Question: In some browsers I can’t authorize in the popup window
    Answer: Try to go to and authorize there. After this everything should work correctly. If not - try "Lite" version of bookmarklet.
  • Question: In my browser Bookmarklet doesn't work!
    Answer: Firstly, Bookmarklet doesn't work in the majority of mobile browsers because of their specific features. Secondly, your browser version might be outdated and doesn’t support modern features. If you sure, that Bookmarklet should work in your browser, please, contact the support and inform about the browser you use and its version.

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