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1. General provisions:

1.1. The name of the promotion: "Weekly draw of gifts" (hereinafter referred to as the - "Action")

1.2. The distribution of the prize fund of the Promotion is based on the principle of random determination of winnings. The participation fee is not charged.

1.3. The prize fund of the Promotion is formed at the expense of the Organizer.

1.4. The promotion is held weekly. The participants of the promotion must leave an application for participation until 11:59 pm Moscow time.

1.5. The results of the promotion are summed up weekly on Fridays at 17.00 Moscow time, after which the results of the action are announced to the winner, and in an anonymous form - on the website of the Promotion.

1.6. The Organizer reserves the right to correct and change the conditions of the action unilaterally, posting information about changes on the program website. Changes come into effect from the moment of publication on the site of the program.

1.7. Participation in the program means the participant's full consent with the above conditions and consent to the processing of personal data. The organizer guarantees the non-disclosure of the personal data of the participants.

1.8. For all questions related to participation in the promotion and the receipt of prizes, you can contact by e-mail

2. Participants of the Promotion

To participate in the Promotion, an able-bodied natural person is allowed, against whom all the following requirements are fulfilled simultaneously (hereinafter referred to as the "Participant"):

2.1. General requirement:

Participants older than 16 years

2.2. Additional requirement:

The registration in the affiliate program AliExpress ePN ( or cashback service ePN ( The promotion is calculated for users who earned in the partner system 1 and more cents at the time of participation in the promotion (in the calculation is taken as the amount on the confirmed balance, and the partner commission in processing).

To participate in the promotion it is necessary to read and agree with the terms and conditions of the promotion, fill out the registration form, indicating the real data and the address for receiving the prize and consent to the processing of personal data.

2.3. Any legal entities, as well as individuals who are employees and / or representatives of the Organizer, affiliates, family members of such employees and representatives, as well as employees and representatives of any other legal persons, individuals and their families who are directly related to the organization or the conduct of this Promotion, as well as those who do not meet the above requirements, are not allowed to participate in the Promotion.

3. Conditions of participation in the promotion:

3.1. Executing the actions provided for in clause 2.2 of these Rules, the Participant of the Promotion hereby unreservedly agrees with these Promotion Rules and with the right of the Organizer to unilaterally amend the present Rules of the Promotion by publishing a new version of the Rules, as well as the Organizer's right to terminate the action of the Promotion at any time unilaterally without prior notice to the participants of Promotion.

3.2. The Organizer has the right not to notify the Participant personally of changes to these Rules.

4. Procedure for the Promotion

4.1. In order to qualify for a prize, the Participant must perform the actions provided for in paragraph 2.2 of these Rules. One Participant can participate in the promotion unlimited number of times during the Promotion. In case of a win, the participant has the right to participate in the new round of the Promotion only three weeks after the win.

5. Determination of winners

5.1. The winner is randomly selected weekly using a random number generator on Friday from 10:00 to 17:00. The results are published on the website in an anonymous form and are personally disclosed to the Winner. Such Participant will be awarded with the prize specified in clause 6.1. of these Rules.

5.2. The Organizer has the right to disqualify the Winner of the Promotion in case he becomes aware that the Winner has provided untrue information, in connection with which the prize can not be sent to the address given by the Winner. In this case, the disqualified Participant is deprived of the right to receive the prize. The Organizer also reserves the right not to enter into correspondence with any disqualified Participant.

6. The content of the prize and the procedure for its delivery

6.1. The prize is chosen from the goods presented on at the discretion of the Organizer.

6.2. The prize is sent to the Winner at the address given to them by the Russian Post within 30 days from the date of the winner's determination and publication of the results.

7. Additional conditions

7.1. The Organizer is not liable for any loss or damage (indirectly or directly), as well as physical damage caused in connection with the conduct of the Promotion or the receipt of the prize by the Winner.

7.2. The Organizer is not responsible for the unreliability or inaccuracy of the information provided on the Internet, for the operation of the equipment or software used in carrying out the Promotion, as well as for any technical error or errors that occurred during the Promotion and which include the skipping and deletion of information.

The Organizer is not responsible for the quality of the prize sent.

Also, the Organizer is not responsible for the actions of the Participant and / or technical failure, which resulted in non-compliance by the Participant with the requirements provided for in paragraph 2.2 of these Rules.