How to withdraw?
After receiving information from the online store that the goods are received, the amount of cashback goes to your balance, where it can be withdrawn in any convenient way without commission.
Minimum payment amount
On all wallets — 0,2$
PayPal — 8$
Minimum payment amount
Cards of Russian banks — 9$
Cards issued by banks of other countries — 100$

For withdrawal, use the menu item  «Withdraw funds»

choose balance screen choose balance mobile screen
To order a payment, select the balance from which you want to withdraw funds
add wallet screen add wallet mobile screen
Add a purse where you want to withdraw funds or select from the list of added purses
enter sum to withdraw screen enter sum to withdraw mobile screen
Enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the payment
balance operations history screen balance operations history mobile screen
The status of the withdrawal operation can be seen in the history of operations with a balance sheet