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Backit - the first and best online service to return some money from online purchases!

  • Save up to 90% on purchases
  • Save on online goods and services
  • Secret promotions with discounts up to 99%
  • Get 7 free tools for smart shopping
  • Convenient shopping + Cashback in smartphone



ePN Affiliate gives high interest rates of earnings on AliExpress and most online stores!

  • Earn on traffic / recommendations / on the blog
  • Receive the goods for reviews (free of charge)
  • Transparent statistics
  • Effective tools
  • Top offers



Become an ePN partner is easy!

  • More traffic to business
  • Increase sales in 1 month
  • New loyal customers

What is cashback service?

Would you prefer to see an advertisement or get money? The ePN team is sure that money is better. Therefore, we pay cashback.

Today, stores think about customers and attract them with real profit. They transfer advertising budget to cashback services, so that you can return money for the purchase. Objective of this scheme is to constantly attract customers, not only during sales period. The cashback service is an intermediary that helps shops to get loyal customers and helps customers to get the best conditions for online purchases.

How does cashback work? A certain percentage of the order amount is returned to the client with real money which can be withdrawn to the card or in another way. In other words, you can increase cashback with the receipt amount. You can also use the ePN promotional codes which temporarily raise the rate and allow you to increase the amount of returns.

How is the cashback credited?

Now you know that cashback payments are made through cashback services. But how does the seller know which users are attracted to the site by the opportunity to save in this way? In other words, how does the seller know who should get cashback and who has used other advertising sources? In fact, everything related to cashback is very simple.

The service fixes the registration of users and provides special links for its members. They lead to your favorite stores and contain information that you should receive a cashback for your purchase. Next, the specific cashback service scheme starts working. For maximum rates, better withdrawal conditions and the ability to add different e-wallets, use the ePN Cashback service

Let's turn to the cashback services rating: why choose ePN?

For 5 years now, ePN has been consistently leading in the rating of the best cashback services in Russia and abroad. It is recommended as a reliable cashback service for purchases made online and offline (scanning receipts through a mobile application). We are proud that the most rational buyers who have long used such services choose us.

ePN cares about users and gains better conditions in your favorite stores and manufacturers. These are promotional codes, joint promotions with partners, a double cashback and other bonuses.

We have developed an extension for all popular browsers - it provides information about the possibility to get cashback on the store site and activates cashback in one click.

ePN Cashback: what else better this service is doing than others?

  • Maximum cashback amounts (up to 90%)
  • A huge list of online stores with cashback (800+)
  • Balance with minimum withdrawal (withdrawal from $ 0.2 or ∼12₽)
  • Cashback withdrawal in convenient ways (card, mobile, e-wallets, etc.)
  • Ability to withdraw funds without commission
  • Cashback for any purchases (products, cosmetics, appliances, furniture, insurance services, services of masters in your city, etc.)
  • Friendly and prompt technical support.

What is the result? With ePN Cashback you can save without thinking about saving. Register, return cashback every day and save up for your dream between times!